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Investigation Discovery Channel se convirtió en la mejor y la parte superior del canal nominal de Descubrimiento series.Due que es exclusivo y series escalofriante sangre, este canal ha atraído a un buen número de espectadores.


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Investigation  Discovery:

Investigation Discovery For those who want thrill and adventure………….

Some facts about ID………..:

Some facts about ID……….. Investigation Discovery ( ID) is a television network owned by Discovery Communications It features documentary-style programming dealing with true crime subjects , including criminal investigations , forensics, and other crime-related documentaries . The ID channel features crime programming, including "missing persons and murder inquiries, cold cases and historical crime," as well as documentaries on forensic investigations. Its programming is mainly in English and locally subtitled or dubbed. In some countries where the popularity of the channel is increased local chanels are created

Current Programs…:

Current Programs… Floor 13 Unknown Unknown Dangerous Passions War of the Sexes 16 streets Lost souls N COLD BLOOD. JUSTICE IN PARK SLOPE ARLINGTON STREET INTRIGUE Dangerous passions Deadly promise Cold blood Blue bloods

What makes Investigation  discovery popular?:

What makes Investigation discovery popular? While most of the channels focus on cheap entertainment Investigation discovery focuses on real world crime stories. There is a wide percent of viewers who are interested in forensic investigations and homicidal reports. It is here that id discovery scores.

Popular programs:

Popular programs Dark Minds Gives us an inside look to the minds and acts of serial killers. The ethics behind the most notorious crimes in history. Blue Bloods American police story of a family who dedicated their life for fighting crime. Criminal Minds Behaviour analysis of the minds of the criminals. Most of them are born as normal humans. Is the society responsible for their acts.

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Deadly Women Bone chilling forensic drama about the most alluring female killers of all times. Fatal Encounter Subjective thriller focusing on the encounters between the killer and the victim that finally results in the crime. Hawaii Five-O It is an American police drama that revolves around a team of investigators solving crimes in and around Hawaii.

Investigation Discovery Spanish:

Investigation Discovery Spanish Spanish version of the channel started in 2009. It telecasts most of the popular programs in Spanish

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