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Shortly after World War I, Ms.Adele Casagrande opened a post in Rome, city dignitariesand Hollywood actress for the design of custom made fur coats of the "leather fur store, " the store is now famous boutique Kingdom - Fendi's Predecessor. Fur garment furstarted to Fendi, starting from the creation of a center is to matrilineal family business.When the second generation of the five daughters into the family business, after all, theFendi successfully into the international market. FENDI

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Until now the silvia venturini took over asthe third generation, the existing 80-year history, following the Prada, Gucci, after, Fendibecame the turn of the century, but also a popular symbol of fashion in Milan.

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Sections of high-quality leather handbags, an unprecedented combination of imprinted,weaving, dyeing and tanning leather, and other new technology, impressive. Fendi's fur clothing line launch and successfully createa high fashion trend. Afterfollowing this,Fendi renewed revolution, new ideas into products for the leather. FENDI FENDI

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Since then,the ladies carry bags is not only a practical item, but also high fashion accessories.

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Fendi in the seventies a major push into luxury apparel market, the brand's reputation to new heights. A trend of jackets, coats and the new trendy skirts, create a unique Fendi woman image. Eighties, Fendi's "double f " marks have become synonymous withbeautiful dignitaries, swept the globe. In addition, Fendi attention pequin note by graphic design, won a new batch of champions. The same time, Fendi dress trend to cater toyounger customers when launched Fendissime sportswear and accessories, with a wide variety. Fur garments to the nineties, Fendi has opened a new page for the fashionindustry.