3 Ways to Find High Paying Clients

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3 Ways to Find High Paying Clients Isn’t it a dream if you have a client they’re easy to work with pay you on time and pay you well If you follow the steps Icon Debt Solutions gives you be prepared to be making more money from your clients than anyone around you Step 1: Understand who your ideal client is. Finding the right type of company or client you want to work with is the key therefore you understand and know your target market so when you pitch something to them they would be willing to pay you more money. Step 2: Let your other clients endorse you. If you have frst-hand proof from other clients that you have done an excdeptional work such as a letter signed of by your previous client then your current client would e willing to pay you the big bucks. Step 3: Network in your client’s hangout spot. If you know you can fnd your client at trade shows conferences even a Starbucks approach them where they usually are be seen where they are so that they know you are on the same level as them…and then approach. Following these three steps can be very easy however prove to show you results in your bank account. Just be sure to do your homework fnd out everything there is to know about your client and ensure the client that you are worth the high amount that you are about to invoice them for

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