Icentered on User Centric Digital World

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Icentered on User Centric Digital World:

Icentered on User Centric Digital World User centric world growing faster with the shift from the digital “e” to the user centered “I”. Icentricity shift is taking center stage everywhere and empowering user’s contribution on web. In a user centric world, in Icentricity the shift from the digital “e” to the user centered “I” is taking center stage everywhere. From building product identities, as Apple’s IPhone, I pad,… in marketing campaigns that emphasize the product/service direct benefits to the user, and up to tailored personalized offerings and information strings around personal interests - all create a real user centered digital world that reshapes relationships between providers and users. Listening to the users’ voice not only gives users a power and puts them in the drivers’ seat. The voice of the user is priceless in defining new systems, indicating what they would wish to have, and evangelizing what they find useful, annoying, ideas for product/service improvement and better suitability to users’ needs. Icentered is about the self-sovereignty of the user. Listening to that independent voice of the customer, is priceless not only in usability design, but in defining, acting upon and creating brand identities and conducting an engaging dialog with customers. All this translates to relevance, usability and increased user satisfaction from both the product/service and its supplier, be it a commercial entity, information organization or egovernment systems.

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In a way, it liberates providers from taking all the responsibility on what to offer, and makes users real partners to the whole process – from design, manufacturing, marketing and up through very transparent user satisfaction feedback. User centricity, the Icentered voice and user centric systems are fundamental in digital relationship. Tailoring offerings and information strings to specific user demands, giving users independent access options to endless choice in a long tail economic model that the digital economy empowers, creates a new power balance that benefits all. Icentered takes a prismatic view of the individual as the hard core nucleus of any user centered system. Author is an experienced business professional who is working on empowering user centric web approach. She is exploring Icentricity, a new paradigm to have Icentered green web ecology. You can get the required information about Icentricity, User centricity through this article. For more information about Personalization, User side paradigm, return of attention , User centered, social marketing you can visit –

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