on Icentricity and Apple’s Icloud launch

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The announcement of Apple of its icloud sharing and sync service empowers user retrieval of personal materials such as photos, music, files on any device, as it stores all the users’ content in the cloud and wirelessly pushes it out to them to all their devices. Apple’s icloud will reshape user content consumption, not only in terms of ubiquity – my content is intuitively accessible from any point, any device. It is also a significant step towards a user centered, user side cloud based paradigm where all user’s content and data are aggregated and harmonized in a cloud, a personal operation hub for personal management of our digital life. Cloud is the infrastructure to empower full user controlled user paradigm. published more about Cloud computing – the infrastructure for the vision of a contextualized Icentered paradigm that examines the value of cloud based services for an Icentered vision. Author writes regularly about Icentricity and user centered on her blog To find more about this article in details see the complete article at - Article Source: on Icentricity and Apple’s Icloud launch

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