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Icentered is a personalized vantage point on the web, a user centered web paradigm that redefines a new pact of relations with our digital surroundings. Where to providers it is a flat world, opportunities are global and digital users are everywhere, this novel paradigm places a big personal “I” in the middle – for each and every one of us individually. “I” in the center means a truly user centered web, as opposed to a “user” definition by web site owners and digital merchants. “I” defines each individual as a micro universe of one - I have a personal context, an authentic personal mark, and that’s the only prism through which I can intuitively converse with the world. I hold the wheel in my hands, as my anchor, I assume responsibility to proactively manage my experience. My privacy is mine to keep, what I share is mine to decide, the level of personalization of my experience is mine to control. The Icentered culture stems from a total sense of freedom, self-control and a clear notion of the value of individual distinctiveness. The holistic view of looking at the individual as a micro universe of one through all web interactions requires a harmonized approach to web surfing. It requires an inclusive view on personal context as the anchor for relevance based interactions, to improve ROA (return on attention) in the overflow of information in the attention economy. Icentered is an alternative to prevailing top-down provider side paradigms that provide fragmented experiences in their walled gardens, difficulties in users’ data portability, lack of free roaming and harmonization of experience, submission to opaque privacy policies and aggressive targeting by advertisers without being part of these food chains. What is the Icentered Paradigm

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What is Contextivity? Contextivity is contexting people in the attention Economy. When the individual I is at the center, the whole paradigm is reversed, to empower user controlled pull and share relationship with providers and active participation in food chains. Once personal data and context become an alternative currency, the meaning of long tail economy is reversed The Icentered paradigm is not just about emancipating users from dependency on providers. It strives for green and clean web ecology by redefining a fundamental pact of engagement terms between providers, users and the social web. A pact based on reverse power balance between users and providers. Once all participants become equally aware of the value of personalization, are equally privacy sensitive, want to act in a free marketplace for context based interactions and respect transparency of needs and offers, it will enhance a culture trust and authenticity based on transparent reciprocity and mutual respect. These soft values will become a cornerstone in clean web ecology based on authenticity, mutual sharing and trust. To know more about Icentered , user centered initiatives, Contextivity , web evolution, a micro universe of one from Author visit -

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