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Win32.Refpron is a dangerous malware threat that can have devastating impacts on your online life. This short presentation gives you an overview and a guide to remove Win32.Refpron.


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Malware Threat HQ For more Malware threats and access to the PC security tips that the pros use, Please visit us at Remove Refpron – Overview and Removal Guide

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OVERVIEW Name: A.K.A: Threat Type: Threat Level: Refpron Win32/Refpron, Refpron.gen, Refpron.gen.c Trojan

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WHAT? Refpron This Trojan application is a serious malware threat: Properties: Allows remote access of your computer by an unknown third party. Downloads adware that serves you unwanted commercial popup ads. Changes computer settings to allow further malware to be delivered and installed on your PC Saps system function and stays resident in the background.

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HOW? You may have been infected because: You’ve downloaded a freeware application or software title from an untrusted source. You have not updated your computer’s firewall, operating system or programs recently. You are not using a trusted anti-malware tool. Your Internet security settings and surfing habits may be too lax.

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REMOVAL Removing Refpron Now that you have identified Refpron, it is important to remove this threat immediately. Without doubt, the best way to remove malware is using a trusted anti-malware tool. Step-by-Step Removal Guide Download Spyware Doctor

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