Wildlife safari in South Africa


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Wildlife safari in South Africa :

Wildlife safari in South Africa

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If your love for wildlife has taken you to South Africa for a Wildlife Kruger Park Safari , you are in for a safari of a lifetime. Home to some of the world’s largest animals like the ostrich, the bull elephant and the whale shark along with all the big 5, South Africa offers a wildlife treat like no other. So where exactly can you see wildlife during your wildlife safari? Well, you will find South Africa’s wildlife in an array of parks and reserves, among them the Kruger National Park that was established in 1898. This vast park is almost 5 million acres and it is an extraordinary sanctuary for an exceptional mix of animal and plant species. Adjacent to the famous Sabi Sand Reserve, it is South Africa’s oldest private reserve and a leading pioneer of sustainable tourism. The vast wilderness of it boasts of Africa’s highest leopard encounter count, which is no mean feat as the leopard is extremely elusive. Kruger Park is also Africa’s leader in cheetah, giraffe and zebra encounters. There is a huge variety of antelope in Kruger park tour and a whopping 500 plus bird species to sight.

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Sabi Sand is also a spectacular place in its own right. It boasts of some of the continent’s best and luxurious safari camps. Just across the River Limpopo, the Mashatu private wilderness reserve will offer you spectacular game viewing, with the inclusion of memorable night drives that will give you an opportunity to witness nocturnal hunting activity . South Africa has diverse geography that encompasses forests, deserts, mountains, coast and grasslands. All of this supports an extraordinary wildlife species. Kruger Park alone is home to 16 zones of vegetation that are fed by 6 rivers. It doesn’t take too much thinking to figure out that it is home to an extraordinary number of game as well. With 10,000 elephants, over 20,000 buffalo as well as endangered animal species like the white rhino, cheetah, lion and wild dog, it has a lot to offer the tourist. It isn’t just Kruger Park that impresses- far from it. Sabi Sand, among other sanctuaries, is admired for quality leopard viewing.

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Kruger Park is not the only game park in South Africa though; there are many others spread across the country. For instance, if you are visiting Eastern Cape, you still get to see just as much wildlife (including all the big 5) in many of the parks, which are all within easy reach.