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The Rare Beautiful and Unusual Horse Breeds Know Here... Important Links: Horse Breeds Horse Illustrated

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Horses are one of nature’s best and unique animals. They are powerful beings that are graceful and able to befriend humans. RIders feel a sense of safety and freedom while riding them. Unusual horse breeds are rare and could be they are almost extinct or they have strange looking or striking physical features. About Horse

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A B O U T V A R I E T I E S : There are a variety of horse breeds in the world and they can be distinguished based on their personalities colors and sizes all over the world. Some of the breeds have characteristics of being hard workers or gentle Shire dazzling colors Akhal Teke or unique appearance Bashkir Curly. The question that lingers in one’s mind is what makes some breeds of horses stand out as unusual   Below are some of the unusual horse breeds are given here:

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BASHKIR CURLY HORSE This is a horse breed that is intelligent calm and friendly. They are found in Southern France and have a distinctive kinked mane and tail as well as a curly coat.

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This breed originated in India.  They are easily identified by their inward-facing ears and a natural ambling gait. The medium-sized Marwari horses come in a variety of colors with pinto being the most popular. They can gallop at an incredible speed. MARWARI HORSE

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Are controversial breeds. Many equine enthusiasts want to stop their breeding because of their small size - they believe it is cruel to breed miniature horses. MINIATURE HORSES

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Are also called Gypsy Cob Horses from Spain. They measure 13-16 hands making them ideal for children.  The horses are piebald with a lot of leg feathering from the knee to the hooves. They have a study and a powerful body with straight feathers mane and tail. GYPSY VANNER HORSES

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AKHAL TEKE HORSE   Akhai Teke Horses originated from Turkmenistan where they were seen as a national emblem. They have an ethereal look about them with a coat that grows with a metallic sheen. They are very agile. Most of them are thoroughbreds and they offsprings are known for intelligence speed and stamina.

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They are a breed from Denmark. They have leopard spots and measure between 15 -16 hands. a genetic mechanism called the leopard complex is considered the root behind their unique coloration. They are good for general horse riding and show jumping. This horse breed does exceedingly well in dressage. KNABSTRUPPER HORSES

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