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overall guidelines of how to handle an interview


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What is the employer looking for ?

Before Arranging an Interview: :

Before Arranging an Interview: Know yourself Consult Career counselors Know the position Know the company

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Schedule a practice interview with the Career Development office to polish your interviewing skills. Rehearse answers to potential questions. Write down five to ten questions to ask the employer. For ideas, refer to the book 201 Best Questions to Ask in Your Interview. Preparing for an Interview

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Select what you will wear to an interview. Dress professionally and Conservatively be clean and well-groomed. When possible, wear a dark-colored, two-piece business suit. Refer to “The Best Dressed Candidates” handout at for more details. Preparing for an Interview

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For Women

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For Men

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Have an updated copy of your Resume, take care of the following terms for resume. Structure Format Content Create a professional portfolio which will include: A few extra copies of your resume Certificates of awards and honors; special, certifications for special trainings Samples of relevant papers or projects ,and Letters of recommendation Preparing for an Interview

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Arrive early, but not more than 15 minutes. Leave your cell phone in the car. Carry with you only what is absolutely essential for the interview A leather folder, with a writing tablet, pen and your prepared questions for the employer Extra copies of your resume and a typed list of references . Your professional portfolio if desired . Arriving for the Interview

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Enter the interview with a positive, confident attitude, even if you are nervous. Treat everyone you meet in the office with respect. Greet the interviewer by name and shake hands firmly. Arriving for an Interview

Typical interview Questions.:

Tell me about yourself. Why are you interested in working for this company? Why should we hire you? What are your short-range and long-range career goals? How are you preparing to achieve them? What do you see yourself doing in the future? What motivated you to choose the career field you are entering? How would you describe yourself? Which rewards are most important to you in your chosen career? Typical interview Questions.

During the Interview :

During the Interview Be honest and be yourself. Answer all questions thoroughly, yet concisely. You should generally be able to keep your responses to two minutes or less. Use specific examples whenever possible to support your statements. Maintain eye contact with the interviewers.

During the Interview:

Sit with good posture. Avoid nervous mannerisms such as tapping your fingers on the table or playing with your hair. Smile when appropriate. Ask questions when the employer gives you the opportunity. Do not ask a question just to ask a question. Ask questions based on the research you have done about the position and company. Do not ask questions about salary or benefits. Let the employer begin the salary negotiations. Before you leave, ask for a business card from each person in the interview. During the Interview

After the Interview:

After the Interview Take notes about what went well in the interview and how you can improve in the future. Thank the employer for his or her time and consideration, remind the employer of your unique qualifications and express your genuine interest in the position. Send a note to each person who interviewed you.

Interview Rules :

Interview Rules You hear all sorts of rules about job interviews: People decide about you in the first 10 seconds You have to make a good first impression Always ask insightful questions Learn as much as you can about the company They'll probably ask questions designed to trip you up Have some quick answers to interview questions at the ready

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Get the basics

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First Impressions Are Important……. Be Prepared…….. Dress The Part…… Grooming…… Attitudes And Behaviour….. Summary