in and out of school literacy practices

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In and Out of School Literacy Participation : 

In and Out of School Literacy Participation In and Out of School Literacy Practices

In School Participation : 

Calendar Time 1. Set up calendar 2. Answer questions How many days are in October? How many birthdays are in October? What day is Christopher Columbus Day? What is the date of the second Wednesday in October? What day of the week comes after October 23rd? In School Participation

In School Analysis : 

What does it mean to do literacy in this activity? The texts-the calendar, the worksheet, the questions about the calendar. Key vocab- Days of the week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday) Date Week In School Analysis

In School Analysis : 

What are the literacy practices in this activity? Necessary skills- Knowledge of the calendar Reading skills, comprehension skills Prior knowledge necessary- How the calendar works-12 months in a year, 7 days in a week. How should these practices be taught? The mechanics of the calendar should be taught first, followed by instructions on how to understand it. In School Analysis

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Top Down Theory -Moving from the larger piece of the process to the more detailed pieces. -Students are able to construct meaning from text.

Out of School Literacy PracticesUNC Equestrian Team : 

Out of School Literacy PracticesUNC Equestrian Team

Program List of Events : 

Program List of Events

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Open Flat Fences Walk, Trot, Canter

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Fluency-Understanding the sport of Equestrianism and being able to read and write about it.

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Literacy Practices-Description and planning of events and practices -Prior Knowledge of the sport of Equestrianism -Knowledge of specific vocabulary and names of events

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Motivation-Interest in the sport of Equestrianism

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Bottom Up Theory of Literacy Development -Learning simple vocabulary first, working up to meaning and understanding of the sport.