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Family tours, solo business trips, backpacking trips, outings, or hangouts, Hyderabad will never cease to amaze you with its plethora of attractions. Checkout the best places by booking exclusive and customized Hyderabad tour packages at affordable prices. Exciting deals on Ramoji film city tour packages and cab services in Hyderabad.


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Explore the Best of Nizams City with Economical Hyderabad Tour Packages Hyderabad is commonly referred to as the Nizam’s city and it is famous for its etiquette world-famous pearls Karachi biscuits and of course scrumptious Hyderabadi Biryani. For most of Hyderabad’s historic existence the city has been ruled by the nizams or Qutubs who came from Persia also by the Nizams from turkey. Hyderabad Tourisms-the reckoned tour operator in Hyderabad is offering exclusive ​Hyderabad tour packages ​ at very low prices. The Hyderabad city is a colorful mélange of culture cuisines as well as commerce. Marvelous monuments from the bygone-era with incredible architecture seem to be the city’s defining feature at the same time the Nizam city is amalgamated with modern sites like posh malls restaurants city buzzes pubs clubs and multiplexes all of which epitomize its vibrant yet youthful side. For a traveler or a visitor this contrasting confluence results in a wide array of tourist sights and experiences that can be cherished for life. Explore delight and soak in the unique experience of the city with the help of custom ​Hyderabad tourism packages ​ at the best prices. Book our economical Hyderabad tour packages to explore and experience grandeur culture history varied cuisines and unlimited fun. Well the only hitch is that you would have really a tough time in forming a list of must-visit tourist attractions in Hyderabad. Moreover there are too many places to explore in this land of Nizams. So which ones are popular to head to And these are the places that most of our Hyderabad tourism packages’ itineraries have and you can also customize these Hyderabad tour packages as per your wish list of places that you wish to explore.

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Keep reading as we reveal to you the best and must-visit tourist attractions in Hyderabad that deserve your avid attention on any day. Charminar Undoubtedly Charminar is one of the most famous landmarks in Hyderabad. It was built over four hundred years ago and this typical iconic 4-storied structure is built in typical Islamic style which houses a mosque on the top. Hyderabad Tourisms is the reliable tour operator in Hyderabad that provides the ​ ​best ​ ​Hyderabad ​Ramoji film city tour packages ​ along with the best cab services in Hyderabad at ideal fares. Although there are several stories related to the construction history of this monument the most widely believed and accepted one is that it was built to commemorate the eradication of the deadly disease cholera. Another irony about this historic edifice is that it has an underground tunnel that connects it to Golconda fort though the tunnel location remains still elusive. Golconda Fort Yet another popular historical monument one must visit with the family and kids this medieval fort overlooks the city as well as remains as a testimony to the opulence of the bygone era. Apart from its historical significance and architectural beauty the fort is also linked with some of the most famous and legendary hope and Kohinoor diamonds. Chowmahalla Palace Chowmahalla palace is located near Charminar and it is a complex of four places that was used to serve as one of the residences of Nizams a magnificent palace with all vintage collections. To visit all these tourist places avail of our best one-of-a-kind custom ​cab services in Hyderabad ​ with inclusive of best deals. Ramoji Film City Ramoji Film City is for sure one of the most and must-visit attractive destinations in Hyderabad as it holds the distinction of being the world’s largest film studio complex. It has been featured in several indian movies. Explore various natural and artificial attractions and wonders with our custom ​ ​Ramoji Film city tour packages that also boast an unlimited extravagance.