winning child custody - winning strategies and what judges look at

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Strategies on how to win your child custody case, whether you're a father or a mother.


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Win Child Custody:

Win Child Custody Winning Strategies and What Judges Look At When Deciding a Child Custody Case

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In custody cases, the judge takes one major thing into consideration :“the best interest of the child.” Judges want to give custody to the parent who can bring up the child in the best environment possible. If you want to win your case, you will have to prove to the judge that that it is in the best interest of your child to be with you.

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Telling a judge you’re the better parent will not be enough. T he judge will look at not only your parenting skills, but your daily interaction with your child . You need to think of ways to show that you are the better parent.

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Start documenting everything that pertains to your child. Having detailed records to show the judge how much you nurture and care for your child will help you win your case. Record all the activities that you do with your child. This will show how involved you are in their lives. You want to show continuity.

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• Make sure you’re the one to take your child to the doctor or dentist. If your child is in school, make sure you attend all school activities, and establish a rapport with your child’s teachers. Spend quality time with your child and take pictures.

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Have witnesses who have seen you interact with your child testify to the fact that you’re a good parent. The longer the witness has seen you interact with your child, the better. You want witnesses who can give details. Witnesses can be relatives, neighbors or friends, or even better, teachers, doctors, priests, pastors, etc. or other caretakers of your child.

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You don’t want to unjustly badmouth your ex-spouse in court or come across asbeing bitter, because it won’t reflect very well on your character to the judge. However , you do need to document potential problem areas you see. Examples of potential problems are: If your ex-spouse has an overwhelming work schedule. If they interfere with or miss visitation, or generally display a lack of co-operation with co-parenting your child. If your ex -spouse is badmouthing you to your child, or your child comments about any inappropriate behavior or bad parenting to you. If your ex-spouse is cohabitating or having overnight stays with a significant other in front of your child.

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Being 100% prepared is the way to win a custody battle. You need to know what to use and how to best present it. You need to start building your case as early as possible. This is all critical information the judge needs to know so he or she can make the best decision, which is you winning your child custody case .

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