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Before we continue, it’s only fair we shed a little light on what you can expect to eat whilst adhering to the 3DMD.


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Perfect Menu for the Three Day Military Diet Before we continue it’ s only fair we shed a little light on what you can expect to eat whilst adhering to the 3DMD. Be prepared the rations are scarce as is the daily calorific intake which sits at under the 1400 mark every day when the typical daily serving is closer to 2500 calories. So whats on the menu Acceptable foods are pretty thin on the ground though in their defence posses a high nutritional value. Admittedly so of the inclusions may raise an eyebrow or two. Here are the foods that make the grade: • Apples • Bananas • Carrots • Cheddar Cheese • Coffee • Crackers • Eggs • Grapefruit • Green Beans

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• Hotdogs • Meat • Peanut Butter • Tea • Tuna • Vanilla Ice Cream • Wholegrain Bread As youll see there is not a lot of variety on paper and when we set out the meal plans later on itll be a real eye-opener how little youll consume. Thankfully the Three Day Military Diet does have some room for manoeuvrability youll notice the allocated foods are for a carnivorous audience and with some items such as tuna that may not sit well with certain individuals. Substitutions are essential for vegetarians vegans and those with choice tastes for them to be able to participate on 3DMD. To make it more inclusive we have a list of foods you can replace the meat and animal products for preferable healthy alternatives whilst still taking on sufficient levels of protein: • Lentils • Soya • Tofu • Quorn • Vegan Cheese • Nuts For those who would rather dodge the pungent flavours on the list you can do the following: • Swap grapefruit for a glass of water with half a teaspoon of baking soda • Remove tuna in favour of another fish or an alternate lean protein source Underpinning all substitutions is a hard and fast rule that must be obeyed for successful completion of the diet. Each item of food swapped out must be replaced with another item containing the same number of calories similar levels of protein and must be from the same food groups. Youre permitted to swap any item on the lists as long as they meet the same nutritional standards and rules as noted above youll maintain the nourishing balance required by 3DMD and youll be well within the parameters of the rules.

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Oh and before we roll on to the next section its important youre aware of foods that absolutely are not permitted on 3DMD. The reasoning behind the exclusion of all these items is down to one common ingredient - sugar. Now we dont need to lament or lecture on the problems with sugar we all know its bad and should minimise its influence in our diets full stop. The brains behind Three Day Military Diet state that if you really need a sweetener at any point during the dieting process refer to stevia the popular sugar alternative that adds sweetness without the badness. Keep a note of these no nos youll fall short of the mark if you consume there during your diet and even arguably during your days off to and nobody wants that: • Artificial Sweeteners • Creams and Creamers • Fruit Juices • Milk • Oranges • Sodas • Sugar Source: Wat Not