Dylan Jacob

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Dylan Jacob

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It’s true what they say, You aren't so far away. But you're in a better place, A place with so much grace. We all miss you down here, With sad and joyful tears. We can’t believe your gone, But our time apart won’t be long. We’ll see you again at those Pearly Gates, And meet you with a loving embrace. Your voice was such a sweet sound, That kept our world turning round and round. I wish I knew what to do, And how to live life not having you. I love you so much, And miss your gentle touch. But all I can do for now is pray, Until I meet you again one glorious day. But I’m not alone in these thoughts, I am followed by those who watched as you fought. And when we all meet we will be so tickled, The day we are reunited with our beloved Pickle. Dyl Pickle

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We will always love you Dylan. You brought so much love and joy into our hearts that it was unreal. Everything you did brought smiles to our faces and you never met something you couldn’t overcome. You were strong. The kind of strong that I wish I could be. Your love was unconditional and as close to perfect as humanly possible. You were a blessing into everyone's life you entered. There was nothing you couldn’t do. You saw the world in a way that was allowed only to you by the grace of God. You saw good and nothing more. I wish that for only a day I could see the world through your eyes and see how marvelous it could be. But I know that the world you are in now is so much better. Never have I been so happy yet so sad in my life. We are sad because we miss you but in those tears of mourning, come tears of joy. Joy for knowing that you are now in Heaven looking down upon us. Waiting for the day that we too will be able to see that marvelous place and be with you once again. You became our own little world Dylan. Even now, after you’ve been called home, you remain to be our own little world. I know that the angels above us are so happy to have you in their presence. You were so special in this short life you had but not in the way so many people thought. You were special in all the ways people can only dream of being. Even when people said you had disabilities you proved that you also had abilities that nobody else had. The world will never be the same without you in it. You may be gone physically but you will never be gone in our hearts. That is where you shall forever remain. We all miss you so much. You will always be Momma’s baby boy and Bubba and Sissy’s baby brother. We love you so much Dylan. Always have. Always will.

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