What is a Home Warranty?


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What is a Home Warranty?:

What is a Home Warranty? Copyright © HomeWarrantyPrograms.org A home warranty is basically an appliance repair insurance plan that protects your home appliances and systems from breakdown or routine failure. It is basically a plan purchased in advance with the anticipation of the failure of things like your dishwasher or air conditioning unit.

Who Needs A Home Warranty?:

Who Needs A Home Warranty? Copyright © HomeWarrantyPrograms.org First Time Homebuyers Often first time home buyers are at their most vulnerable when they are purchasing a new home Having to replace a HVAC unit a couple of months after buying your first home can be devastating Existing Home Owners If you have an older home a warranty protection plan could save you a lot of money and headache Home Sellers Having to replace a dishwasher or refrigerator when you are trying to sell your home could be costly and irritating.

Who Doesn’t Need a Home Warranty?:

Who Doesn’t Need a Home Warranty? Copyright © HomeWarrantyPrograms.org Home buyers purchasing a brand new home Newly built homes are covered by a Contractor’s guarantee Most states have laws in place protecting purchasers from dead beat contractors and poor workmanship New appliances are generally covered by manufacturer’s warranties.

What is Covered By a Home Warranty?:

What is Covered By a Home Warranty? Copyright © HomeWarrantyPrograms.org Electrical Systems HVAC : Heating and Air Conditioning Unit Garbage Disposal Refrigerator Freezer Oven and Range Microwave Door Bell Telephone Wiring Sump Pump Jacuzzi * These are just examples. Check with your local provider for policy specifics

Popular Home Warranty Providers:

Popular Home Warranty Providers Copyright © HomeWarrantyPrograms.org American Home Shield Old Republic Home Warranty of America 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty Fidelity National Home Warranty

Resources :

Resources Copyright © HomeWarrantyPrograms.org Home Warranty Program Information Home Warranty Definition From Wikipedia Home Warranty Reviews Tarion (For Canadians Only)