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Since time Immemorial the forest was more than trees.

Slide 2: 

It was lakes and…

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Wildlife Wildlife.

Slide 4: 

It was streams,

Slide 5: 

Animals insects,

Slide 6: 

And birds.

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It was a system in balance

Slide 8: 

where wind and weather were part of nature, not something to be conquered.

Slide 9: 

As the forest… becomes our “Forest”

Slide 10: 

People have a place to go…

Slide 11: 

To discover….

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Slide 13: 

exit their comfort zone …

Slide 14: 

… and make new friends.

Slide 15: 

A place where people have the opportunity to explore the unknown.

Slide 16: 

The Forest embraces new ideas…

Slide 17: 

…and maintains old ones. …and maintains old ones.

Slide 18: 

It is a place where ingenuity thrives

Slide 19: 

…and Sustainability is key. …and Sustainability is key.

Slide 20: 

Tomorrow … the Forest will hold true to its roots Tomorrow, the Forest will be true to its roots…

Slide 21: 

… by leading the way

Slide 22: 

to a Sustainable Future. … into a sustainable future !

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Haliburton Forest and Wild Life Reserve Ltd. A place for people to be inspired. A place for people to be inspired … Haliburton Forest & Wild Life Reserve Ltd.

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