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The company behind the change… Philadelphia American Life Insurance Company (PALIC) has a history dating back to 1904 and is now part of the New Era Life family of insurance companies Over $300,000,000 of annually premium income. Over $120,000,000 of Health Premium annually Philadelphia American Life Company is licensed in 47 ….states.

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Welcome to Health Saver Plus 1 Your Guide to the Next Generation of Affordable Health Insurance

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Key Features Include $5,000,000 Lifetime Maximum Choose from three benefit options .Pick your Base Plan Deductible Calendar Year Benefit Maximum Level Number of Benefit Units to fit your needs Use any Doctor or Hospital you choose “Without Penalty”

Major Medical Vs. Indemity.\ : 

Major Medical Vs. Indemity.\ Coverage Regulations Underwriting Rate Stability Commissions Networks Catastrophic Claims

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3 Units @ a Daily Hospital Benefit of $4,500 2 Units @ a Daily Hospital Benefit of $3,000

Regulations : 

Regulations Major Medical is considered creditable coverage under President Obama’s Healthcare reform. Must be unlimited Must Cover preventative care at $0.00 Co-Pay Must cover children under age 19, no matter what their health! 80% mandated loss ratio Can not resend policies Indemnity Policies do not fall under Healthcare Reform and are NOT considered creditable coverage!

Underwriting : 

Underwriting Major Medical Average placement ration of 63% Most can exclude coverage with riders High decline ratio Long turnaround time on policy issue Indemnity Policies Faster underwriting! No Exclusion riders! 93% Placement ratio! Smaller percentage rate-ups!

Premium Rate Stability : 

Premium Rate Stability Major Medical Indemnity Policies When will it end! Regulation increases, health cost increases, Liability Increases = Rate Increases! Much more stable rates! Predetermined benefits = rate stability!

Commissions To Agents : 

Commissions To Agents Major Medical Commissions Cut By Over 60% For Most Major Medical Plans! Indemnity Policies Can pay up to triple the commission of a major medical plan!

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Key Features Include Easy Cross-Selling Opportunities! Critical Illness Term Life Accident Plans (with D.I.) All On One Application!

Commission Comparison : 

Commission Comparison Major Medical Family pays $500 per month. Agent earns $600 first year commission Indemnity Family pays $350 for Health Saver Plus and add a $50,000 C.I. for $100 more. $350+$100=$450/Month 1st Yr. Commission on Health Saver Plus = $1050 1st Yr. Commission on Critical Illness = $660 Total Commission = $1710 first year commission Almost Triple!

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Networks Major Medical Indemnity Pays predefined BENEFITS regardless of in or out of network! In-Network Deductible + Co-Insurance _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Max out of pocket in network Out of Network 2 times deductible + 2 times Co-Insurance + Difference between Allowable Amount and actual bill! _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Max out of pocket in network

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3 Units @ a Daily Hospital Benefit of $4,500 2 Units @ a Daily Hospital Benefit of $3,000

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Now that you know, give your clients the option of Health Saver Plus 1 ! Give your client’s the value and choice they deserve and give yourself the compensation you deserve!

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Marketed by: Bradford & Associates Health & Life 19 East Walnut Suite H Columbia, MO 65203 1-800-500-0564