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Newcomer’s Network Invites you to join us June 30th at 6PM Questions? Call Kevin (507) 288-3293 Meet church members & get to know other newcomers! We’ll grill meat but please bring a dish (salad, chips, dessert, etc.) to share. At the home of Kevin & Bonnie White 1004 Foxcroft Circle SW

Rochester Area : 

Rochester Area Sponsors 6PM Tonight: Free admission, food & drinkGames, Giveaways, and a REMEDY DRIVE concert. All ages are invited! Sunday, May 31, 6-9PM Hope Summit Christian Church

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Sunday Nights, 6:30PM Hope Summit Christian Church Basic Training Course on Evangelism will give you confidence in sharing your faith

Annual Garage Sale : 

Annual Garage Sale DONATE PRICED ITEMS ON: Thursday June 11, 1-6PM Olmsted County Fairgrounds SHOP THE SALE ON: Friday, June 12, 8am - 6pm Saturday, June 13, 8am - 12pm Questions? 282-3377 or

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Join us for a Small Group Study about the truth claims of God. Hope Summit Christian Church Wednesdays, 6:30 PM

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Pine Haven Camp Register online! Camps for ALL ages! June 14-20 11th & 12th Grade June 21-27 9th & 10th Grade June 28-July 4 Family Week

Campaign StatusMay 2009 : 

Campaign StatusMay 2009

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What did that say? Check out the HSCC website to catch anything you might have missed

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