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If the company is not so big, the managers in the senior positions can draft the copy of the manual without a speck of doubt. The regulations and the legislation are to be followed sincerely while arranging the draft. Read More:--


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Tips to Draft Human Resource - HR Policy Manual In India There are no second thoughts which come to the mind while talking about the significance of the HR policy manual. When the time comes to draft a policy manual for the employees make sure that you do not miss all those points that are important. This manual tells the employees of a company about the rights at the workplace. It is not just about including those points which comply with the law but you need to stick to the basics which prevent discrimination between the employees cater to their complaints and allow them work in a healthy ambience. Whether it is about the classification of the job medical and other leaves safety and the payroll everything must find clear mention in the policy or the employee handbook. -Writing the policy and compliance:

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When you decide to write the HR Policy Manual it is important to decide about the people in the organization who can play the role. You have got to assign this role to people working in responsible positions in the company. Choosing people who have completed this task with integrity before is a good opportunity you can seek. Certainly the employees who render services in the human resources department can do this task responsibly. However if the company is not so big the managers in the senior positions can draft the copy of the manual without a speck of doubt. The regulations and the legislations are to be followed sincerely while arranging the draft. If the employees are not sure about the laws it is good to hire legal and labor law consultants to make the policy comprehensive. -Clarity and implementation: There is no place for ambiguity while formulating the employee handbook but you must try to avoid terms that are vague and destroy the essence of the manual. For instance the differences between part and full-time employees followed by the distinctions between the nature of the leaves are to be mentioned clearly in the handbook. The individuals that are responsible to handle the task of drafting must also understand how to implement them in real life. You must formulate the policy in a manner which communicates the thoughts clearly to the people who are concerned.

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Updating the policy manual: It is not enough to write the hr policy manual rather you may need to make changes later according to the functioning of the organization. During the annual revision and review work which is to be followed for the manual you need to call our EZ HR Consultants Experts who have prepared the policy and make the desired changes About Company: EZ HR Consultants is one stop shop for all HR and payroll services legal needs based out of Delhi India. Our services start from hiring job profile definitions job evaluations defining policies to legal retainer services. EZ HR Consultants – Your Consultants Firm