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Sessão apresentada por André Rodrigues no Clube dos Pinguins (14-10-2010)


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Genética O que não foi ensinado na escola

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A “árvore da vida” não é bem uma árvore : 

A “árvore da vida” não é bem uma árvore

Epigenética: controlo da expressão do ADN : 

Epigenética: controlo da expressão do ADN

Evolução convergente : 

Evolução convergente

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Bases de dados genéticas : 

Bases de dados genéticas NDNAD EUA Reino Unido

Mapa genético da Europa : 

Mapa genético da Europa

Creation Museum (EUA) : 

Creation Museum (EUA)

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Some animals seem to be specially designed to eat other animals (carnivory). We do not know exactly how meat-eating started, nor how long it took to begin, but we do know two things: 1. All animals were plant eaters before Adam's sin. God said, "To every beast of the earth I have given every green herb for food" (Genesis 1:30). [...] After the Curse, some animal may have simply changed their diet

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Most dinosaurs were reasonably small--the size of a sheep or pony, on average, Even large sauropods, as young adults, were not overly large. So Noah's Ark had plenty of room for all the land animal kinds, including every dinosaur "kind".

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O Fim

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