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Hoverstream LLC is hovercraft manufacturer. We are providing well- designed, custom -built hovercraft machines of superior quality. We always built with safety. Our Products are Proven, Reliable, Durable. We are offering these product:- Snapper II Marlin II Coastal Pro II OUR HOVERCRAFT


The  Snapper II single seat hovercraft was designed with three goals in mind. It had to be fun, economical and reliable. Capacity of Snapper is 1 person and the fuel consumption 1 gallon/hour and max Speed 30 mph Coastal Pro II is designed for commercial, recreational or rescue. A dedicated life engine and large footprint allow it to safely carry a huge load. That separate life engine also gives the craft unrivaled maneuverability and full obstacle clearance. The capacity of Hoverstream Coastal Pro II is 3-4 person, fuel consumption 2.5-3 gallon/hour and max Speed 40 MPH. The  Marlin III  is a turnkey hovercraft built to marine standards and has a sporting, modern professional look, which comes with a warranty on both the craft and engine for added peace of mind. Capacity of Marlin is 2-3 person, fuel consumption 1.5-2 gallon/hour and max Speed 45 MPH .


Supported by a cushion of air – basically eliminates friction. Hovercraft travel over the surface of the water, rather than through it , making the ride much smoother than most crafts. The design of a hovercraft allows for far superior safety around swimmers and water skiers as it can even maneuver or pass safely over a swimmer or skier if necessary. Easy to maintain. Hovercraft are cost effective and fuel efficient to the core , especially in commercial and rescue operations . Why a Hovercraft ?


Military Ice Rescue Mud Rescue Weed Spraying Flood Response Search and rescue Commercial operation Recreational purposes Survey & Security Patrol Ice And water transportation What are they used for


Powered by one or more engine Fan causes skit to inflate – Left Proper causes hovercraft to move forward - Population The unique fan assembly is robust and well protected . How does hovercraft Work


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Would you like to speak with someone at Hoverstream LLC ? We are always ready to help. Our offices are in : IN USA:- Hoverstream , LLC: Street Address - 1761 N. Sherman Dr. Suite J Indianapolis, IN 46218 Contact no. 317-489-0075 www.hoverstream.com Mail id [email protected] IN Western Canada :- Hovercraft West Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada www.hovercraftwest.com Sales Contact: Bill Elliot Mail id- [email protected] Contact US


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