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Buy online sustainable healthy protein baking flour made from 100% natural cricket powder with more than 60% proteins at cheapest prices. Our Hoppa baking flour is a great source of high protein foods containing vitamins and essential nutrients amino acids.


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The key benefits of healthy protein foods in your diet Cricket proteins are an excellent source of lean protein minerals healthy fats and vitamins. You may really wonder how these cricket protein powders are manufactured. Cricket powder or cricket flours are definitely one among the healthy protein foods that help you to maintain a nutrient rich diet. Sounds weird It is in fact true Insects can be a part of your healthy diet just like you eat shrimps and crabs.Yes People from many parts of the world eat insects as they value the nutritional facts of insect protein. Let us see how this new trend of natural protein powder can be included among the list of sustainable foods: Cricket protein- the natural nutritional food source Insect protein or cricket protein is an easily digestible protein source made from finely roasted crickets insects. Cricket powder is a sustainable healthy food containing essential amino acids and is absolutely free from growth hormones and pesticides. Rich iron content Crickets contain about 6mg/100mg iron content. Maintaining proper levels of iron in our body is an essential factor that helps in the formation of hemoglobin. It will be beneficial for anemic patients to consume cricket protein powder to maintain the levels of iron in their body. Consumption of iron rich food is very important for pregnant women. Good for muscles Now what about the protein content in cricket powders It’s about 58grams in every 100 gram which means it contains double or triple mount of protein when compared to chicken and beef. Of course it’s good to consume cricket protein powder for the growth and repair of your muscles. Cricket protein is the simple sustainable solution Crickets are raised humanely in different parts of the world. In addition to being healthy as a rich source of protein it is a gluten free solution to obtain natural and hormone free protein. Organic and traditional methods are what make them the simplest sustainable food product. Cricket protein powders are produced eco-friendly without the usage of growth hormones pesticides as well as herbicides. Vitamin B12 and Brain Health Vitamin B12 is critical to maintain brain health as well as Red Blood Cell RBC formations. Crickets are an excellent source of Vitamin B12 when compared to chicken and salmon. Natural Weight Loss

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Cricket powder is a right choice if you are trying to lose your weight. You should replace the consumption of carbohydrates with proteins in your diet to banish the body fats. Cricket flours are a great choice for this as they contain about 0.8gms of carbohydrates per serving. Moreover cricket flours are gluten-free which paves the way to easier weight loss. Other health factors The nutrients in crickets are found to be more soluble and contain more calcium than milk. With high levels of long chain polymer Chitin a derivative of glucose cricket protein powders are really helpful to people suffering from bowel syndromes. Additionally it helps relieve arthritis low blood pressures and cholesterol.

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