5 traditional dishes of Hong Kong

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5 traditional dishes of Hong Kong

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➢Egg Tart: The traditional dish is hugely popular among both local people and international tourists. Egg tart is prepared with two simple ingredients – egg and sugar. But the traditional recipe provides the dish with a crispy layer and tender grazes. The distinct preparation process further makes the egg tart available in Hong Kong distinct from other parts of theworld.

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➢ Fish Ball: Fish ball is one of the authentic dishes in Hong Kong. It is hugely popular among the local people as a snacks item. But fish balls were originally prepared in 1050 s’ and 1960 s’ to reduce food cost of local people. You must try fish balls as snacks to experience one of the authenticHongKongcuisines.

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➢ Steamed Rice Rolls: As its name indicates steamed rice is the main ingredients of this unique Hong Kong dish. The steamedricerolls are further prepared in a traditional way. The local people normally complement the rice rolls with a combination of soy sauce and peanut sauce or chili sauce. But you have option to complement the steamed rice rolls with other traditionaldishesoftheregion.

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➢ Eggette: The authentic dish is prepared by combining egg and powder. The cookssimply combineeggandpowderpourthemixtureintoaspecial model and then cook the dish for about 5 minutes. The authentic recipe adds a tender inner side and a crispy skin to the eggette. Like the children of Hong Kong your kids will love to try the traditional HongKongsnackswithastrongeggflavor.

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➢ Cart Noodles: Many restaurants and food stalls serve cart noodles as a curry or beef sirloin soup. But the traditional Hong Kong cuisine allows you to choose from a variety of vegetables and balls. Also you can top cart noodles with chicken wings pork skin beef sirloin or radish. Hence you can always personalize cart noodles according to your food habits andpreferences.

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