The Online Proficiency Exam

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Guidance and Support for Spring 2020


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The Online Proficiency Exam:

The Online Proficiency Exam Guidance and support for spring 2020 Writing Studies and Rhetoric  Make Your Point

                                    The design of the PE:

                                    The design of the PE Documented Essay from WSC 002 class Short Reading provided during the exam Response Essay written during the exam =

Overview of the Proficiency Exam:

Overview of the Proficiency Exam Choose a revised, documented essay written for your WSC 002 class.    Upload your WSC 002 documented essay to the PE Blackboard site. Read a short essay on writing; the essay is available on PE Blackboard site. Write a response essay that discusses how the reading might relate to your experience of writing the paper for WSC 002.   Submit your response essay on PE Blackboard site.

Before the Proficiency EXAM Choosing PART I:  The WSC 002 Documented Essay :

Before the Proficiency EXAM Choosing PART I:  The WSC 002 Documented Essay

On the day of the exam :

On the day of the exam Open your Blackboard PE site.  Follow the directions on the site, including [Mark as Reviewed] the preliminary material and honor code.  Review the prompt and read a short text about writing and the writing process. Read the short text carefully and annotate the selections you might quote or paraphrase. Take a moment to collect your thoughts, and then write a response essay in Word or Google Docs that explicitly addresses the prompt. 

Writing The Response Essay :

Writing The Response Essay

Upload  your Response essay:

Upload  your Response  essay