Teen depression

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Teen depression:

Teen depression Causes, Symptoms & possible Treatment


Academic pressure Peer pressure by family and/or relatives A change in hormones Quick changes in hormones which occur during puberty Unbalanced brain chemicals Changes in chemicals within the brain can produce mixed signals which causes depression Inherited traits Depression can be passed on through genes Early childhood trauma Possible causes that can lead to depression :

The effect and impact depression inflicts ::

The effect and impact depression inflicts : Restlessness Can abstract sleep schedule and start an unhealthy pattern Weight loss/gain Changes in appetite can lead to, in some cases minor or extreme weight loss or gain Physical traits Alcohol/Substance abuse Feelings of dread can lead teens into an unhealthy lifestyle Self-Harming

Psychological traits:

Psychological traits Inexplicable guilt Exaggerated self-blame Feelings of anger Feelings of worthlessness

Social traits:

Social traits Poor academic performance Easily agitated Decreased social interactions Conflict in all relationships

Possible treatments; What we currently offer ::

Possible treatments; What we currently offer : Therapy School counselling Medication

Sources: :

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