Pick OIML and ASTM Weight for Accurate Measurements


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An OIML and ASTM weight is considered to be the yardstick of quality measurement globally. HiWEIGH has certified products in store for its vast clientele.


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Pick OIML and ASTM Weight for Accurate Measurements Do you need to purchase a new precision scale for your laboratory Or an industrial scale to weigh heavier loads Needless to say you have to choose a feature-rich weighing terminal for your business. However make sure you buy the OIML and ASTM weight for good reasons. Such approvals and authentications bear testimony to the high quality and efficiency of the weighing scale. Choosing the right product is important to furnish your customers with correct measurement results. Any kind of inaccuracy or incongruity in measurement can dismantle your business’ reputation thereby causing your customers to move to your competitors. On the whole customer satisfaction is one such factor that you can never take for granted. You can uphold absolute transparency and integrity only when you have a good quality gadget to work with. Let us understand what OIML and ASTM weights are all about. An overview of OIML The International Organization of Legal Metrology OIML an intergovernmental organization postulates provisions about measurement units results and instruments. OIML collaborates with other noted organizations such as the International Organization for Standardization ISO and the International Bureau of Weights and Measures BIPM. Weighing solutions that are approved and certified by OIML boast of high durability accuracy and robustness. There are various weight classes – M1 M2 and M3 F1 F2 and E1 E2 . Products belonging to these classes comply with OIML requirements. Facts about ASTM American Society for Testing and Materials ASTM develops and upholds the essential standards for various products including weighing instruments and solutions. ASTM certified products are considered to be of high quality and used widely by reputed companies in many states of the US. ASTM approved measurement systems offer impressive corrosion resistance and reduced magnetic permeability. These weights come in 1 to 4 classes with the sizes ranging between 1mg and 2kg. HiWEIGH – The Storehouse of Top Quality Weighing solutions HiWEIGH the Shanghai-based company has OIML and ASTM weight for its customers. With its significant presence in various business verticals such as lab solutions logistics livestock farming and medicine HiWEIGH offers OIML and ASTM certified weighing terminals to customers from different industries. Following test weights are available with the Avant-grande company - 1. SSF1 F1 Class Precision Weights – Developed to calibrate scales and balances these F1 class precision weights come in both ASTM and OIML classes. These weights are noted for exclusive features like 7.9g/cm3 density standard capacity between 1mg-20kg and Magnetization of ≤25μt. 2. SSE2 E2 S.S Test Weight – Made of stainless steel these class E2 weights have a standard capacity ranging from 1mg to 20kg. Apart from offering 7.96g/cm3 in density the weight has a magnetization of ≤8μ. 3. SSB OIML F1 Class Heavy Capacity Test Weight – These test weights offer a wide range of capacities - 50kg 100kg 200kg 500kg and 1000kg. It belongs to the OIML F1 class and has a magnetization of ≤25μt.

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Conclusion – The OIML and ASTM weight provides improved performance and accurate measurement results. Companies offering such weights for sale stand for reliability and high quality. HiWEIGH with its certified products has become a one-stop store for all types of weighing scales and systems. The team manufactures and sells premium products to ensure the satisfaction of its esteemed clientele. Should you want to purchase only certified weighing devices call HiWEIGH at the earliest.