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Cater to your needs for industrial refrigeration by teaming up with one of the best industrial refrigeration companies – Highland Refrigeration. We set our goals to design and build the most efficient refrigeration systems, using components of highest quality standards available worldwide using our many years of experience. To get more details about this slide please visit our website -


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MEET THE HIGHLAND TEAM Lars Matthiesen President Mechanical Engineer Yara Silva President Civil Engineer Patrick Fossey Engineering / Sales Manager Kjeld Hansen Vice President of Engineering Mechanical Engineer Todd Poulsen Vice President of Operations and Service Stephen Schwitters Project Engineer Alaska State Mechanical Administrator Alan McMurray Project Engineer Inoka Wijesekera Project Engineer

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Most Efficient Ice Maker Systems Our years of experience allow us to design the most efficient ice maker systems whether it ’s flake ice or slurry ice using fresh or seawater for production. We use air cooled self-contained units for systems up to 12000lbs/24hr of flake ice production. For larger ice production systems up to 22000lbs/24hr of capacity we combine several components in a compressor skid mounted in a stainless steel base frame. For systems even larger with single ice machines with capacity up to 150000lbs/24hr we supply industrial refrigeration equipment with R-717 ammonia or any desired refrigerant.

slide 4: Having huge applications in the food processing industry plate freezers vertical or horizontal are built with a stainless steel frame and stainless steel braid covered Teflon hoses. Our plate freezers come in standard sizes all using extruded food grade aluminum plates designed for maximum heat transfer. We can provide plate freezers at any required capacity. Best food grade aluminum plates

slide 5: Complete Custom Made Refrigeration System We work with a wide range of screw compressors as well as reciprocating compressors in both open drive and semi- hermetic designs finding the best match for the application. Compressors are delivered separately or as part of a complete custom made refrigeration system assembled on a multi-compressor skid. We use high efficiency electric motors to ensure maximum power efficiency.

slide 6: Well-Stocked Selection of Refrigeration Parts Highland Refrigeration prides itself in having a well-stocked selection of refrigeration parts and supplies. From an everyday part to a hard-to-find part Highland strives to continually carry the largest stock available in the area.

slide 7: Lars Matthiesen Address : 4250 24th Ave. West Seattle WASHINGTON United States 98199 Phone No. : 206-213-0040 Fax No.: 206.213.0045 Email Id.:

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