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We install artificial, realistic looking grass that will transform your outdoor space. Experience the luxury of an artificial grass lawn and make it the perfect.


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Low Maintenance Options For The Garden Summer is the time of dread for those who arent green fingered and only tend to their garden because they have to. Their partner doesnt like the wild jungle look and are fed up of losing the kids in the tall grass. Reluctantly you get the lawn mower out its a heavy petrol lawn mower but its the only type that will survive the garden on account that the terrain is so rough it broke your last two. Time to think about your options Youve had enough now youve calculated the cost of having the lawn mower and the cost of your time against getting rid of the lawn and replacing it with something else. At first you thought about bark chippings but remembered that in particularly windy weather youd end up getting the broom out every day and chasing it around the garden. After putting a lot of thought into it and researching you think you have some viable options. Grass replacement Lets sort the biggest annoyance out first the jungle grass. After talking with your partner and having a think into the landscaping of your garden it would be nice to still keep some green stuff in there. So a great substitution would be to have an Artificial Grass Installation or Astro Turf Installation no maintenance and the kids can still play out. You can still have a bit of green in the garden as well and because it is quite hard wearing you shouldnt have to worry too much about the weather. Great then you can get rid of that nasty lawn mower and enjoy your days off. You know you will probably end up doing things around the house instead but its not mowing the lawn. The path way You know how you are getting rid of the grass but you didnt really think about the path way and how to get down to that lovely bench you bought only a year ago. There are many options slabbing stepping stones surrounded by stone chippings Resin Paving extended decking and so on. After a bit of deliberation you decide to get some fancy paving done probably Resin

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because youre going to get the driveway done out the front in that so at least they will match. Where does that leave your green fingers now Safely indoors If you arent particularly green fingered theres no law saying you have to have a proper garden. Especially if you arent that way inclined and have other hobbies to fill your days with. Theres a huge proportion of people opting for replacements for grass nowadays mostly because life is too demanding and let’s face it most of the grass in gardens these days isnt even proper grass its thick wild weed grass because you bought cheap seeds thinking you were doing the right thing. Time for the change you were so desperately wanting life is too short. Youre calling the landscaping company now arent you About Us: Harbron Home Improvements HHi is dedicated to improving homes throughout Cornwall Devon Somerset through the supply and installation of resin bound drives paths patios artificial grass decking fencing exterior property coatings and maintenance. HHi has the goal of offering to its existing and new customers a home improvement service that is second to none creating a brand that will be known for delivering excellent quality at a fair price. It aims to create long standing customer relationships built on a foundation of trust honesty and integrity. For more information please visit Outdoor Maintenance Company Artificial Grass Installation.

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