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CCURI Spring Symposium and Project MeetingMay 24, 2010 : 

CCURI Spring Symposium and Project MeetingMay 24, 2010 Integrating Research into Coursework Dr. Virginia Balke Biology/Chemistry Department Delaware Technical & Community College Stanton Campus

Program Degrees : 

Program Degrees BITAASBIT Two year terminal degree Enter workforce as technician BITAASBIS Two year transfer degree Enter four year institution as junior Articulation agreements with University of Delaware and Delaware State University

Biology Curriculum – Year 1 : 

Biology Curriculum – Year 1 Biology I Basic chemistry Cell structure Metabolism Cell division Photosynthesis Genetics Viruses, Bacteria, Protists, Fungi Biology II Animal kingdom Plant kingdom Ecology Organ systems Microbiology Basic techniques Molecular genetics Introductory biotechnology Virology Applied microbiology Immunology

Biology Curriculum – Year 2 : 

Biology Curriculum – Year 2 Biotechnology I Molecular genetics Cloning PCR, sequencing, fingerprinting Transgenic organisms Bioinformatics Fermentation Bioethics related to Human Genome Project Biotechnology II Plant tissue culture Proteins Microarrays RNAi Bioinformatics Epigenetics

Stream Monitoring : 

Stream Monitoring Biology I – Biomonitoring with algae Biology II – Macroinvertebrates

Stream Monitoring : 

Stream Monitoring

Soil Bacteria : 

Soil Bacteria Principles of Microbiology Plate count Colony morphology Gram stain PCR – 16S rRNA RFLP Sequencing? Most probable number

Soil Bacteria : 

Soil Bacteria Biotechnology I Metagenomics? Sequencing Bioinformatics Phylogenetic trees

Molecular Sexing of Red-tailed Hawks : 

Molecular Sexing of Red-tailed Hawks Biotechnology I Isolation of DNA from hawk blood Analysis of PCR products

Population Genetics of Big Brown Bats : 

Population Genetics of Big Brown Bats Biology II Behavior Ecology Physiological adaptations

Population Genetics of Big Brown Bats : 

Population Genetics of Big Brown Bats Biotechnology I DNA isolation from feces and hair PCR of microsatellites and mtDNA Sequencing and fingerprint WNS

Introduction to Research : 

Introduction to Research This course investigates the components of a research project including scientific principles, project design, documentation, communication, and professional ethics and behavior.

BioChem Club : 

BioChem Club Promote science throughout the Delaware Tech Community Research and internships Field trips Guest speakers

Support : 

Support NSF CCLI Community College Undergraduate Research Initiative NSF ATE Project 0703115 Taking Delaware’s Biotechnology and Science Teacher Education to the Next Level Partially supported by NIH grant 2 P20 RR016472-10 from the NCRR. National Science Foundation EPSCoR Grant No. EPS-0814251 and the State of Delaware. National Science Foundation EPSCoR Grant No. EEPS-081425 and National Institutes of Health INBRE Grant No. 2 P20 RR016472-09 from the National Center for Research Resources

Acknowledgements : 

Acknowledgements Jim Hewlett, FLCC Tom Hanson, UD Joan Barber, DTCC Chris Hoess, DTCC Debbie Theis, DTCC Students Trevor Pruitt Mara Hyatt Alyson McClure Jennifer Colby Eric Birth Liedeke Sweitzer