Important Criteria Require To Apply For Canadian Permanent Resident Pr

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Important Criteria Require To Apply For Canadian Permanent Resident Program Pushing your limits is always fruitful. Some people gain a diversity of experience by exploring and visiting different countries. Canada is a part of northern America and quite famous for providing opportunities to the skilled and passionate skilled workers. There are various programs for foreigners run by the Canadian government. Through these programs people achieve all the benefits that Canadian citizens have. Also there is a program called PR i.e. Permanent Resident Program in Canada. One can receive the PR card in Canada after verifying some strict eligibilities criteria. Let’s understand about some important criteria one has to follow to apply for Canadian Permanent Resident Program. Age: Age factor comes first and quite crucial to apply for Canadian permanent resident application. A person needs to be at least 18 years old to apply for Canada PR. There are points given for each eligibility criteria to apply for Canada PR. A person who lies in between the age bar of 18 to 35 receives the highest point for the application. Also your point gets increasing up to age 46 after age 46 your points start decreasing and chances of application approval become minimal. Language Proficiency Test:

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There are people from different background like religion zone and language apply through Canadian Permanent Resident Application. For the country people it is quite crucial that you will be able to establish good communication. So a language proficiency test is important. English and French are the two commonly spoken languages in Canada. One needs to qualify proficiency test for any of the two languages. You need to provide language proficiency test result from one of the approved language testing agency such as IELTS for English. Education Credential Assessment: Education eligibility to apply for the permanent residency program in Canada is Bachelor degree. Also if you are applying as a skilled worker then you must provide all the relevant documents during the application submission. All the documents must be verified from the approved authority. Relevant Work Experience: Relevant work experience of at least 3 years can help you to earn good points to qualify Canada PR application. There are some significant programs run by the Canadian government to apply for the Canada PR. You can go through the Express Entry program and check the list of various available programs. Take the help of an experienced immigration lawyer and understand the entire process properly. Also analyze your achievement and match it with the different programs which one suits the most of your eligibility criteria. After finalizing these elements you can apply for the Canadian Permanent Resident Program without any hassle. Resource Link:-