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When the bone marrow increases the white blood cell production in the bone marrow, these stop the other fundamental cell movement which brings about fewer cells that do their normal capacities.


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Cannabis May Kill Cancer Cells in Leukemia Patients When the discussion of medical Marijuana takes place the advocates have pointed to the effectiveness of cannabis in treating pain and epilepsy. So can CBD or hemp oil and other products fight cancer Effects on Leukemia In the disease the person’s body produces excess white blood cells. These are abnormal and don’t have the infection-fighting properties of the regular white blood cells. These leukemic cells lack the infection-fighting features of the regular white blood cells. When the bone marrow increases the white blood cell production in the bone marrow these stop the other vital cellular activity which results in fewer cells that carry out their regular functions e.g. blood clotting and supplying oxygen to the body. The medical condition eventually reduces the ability of the body to fight dangerous infections. Use of Cannabis in Leukemia Treatment There are different kinds of cannabis treatment for Leukemia and the chosen way of remedy depends on the severity of Leukemia the person has. Chemotherapy is the way ahead for acute Leukemia which might have come out from nowhere. Chronic leukaemia on the other hand may be treated with surgery or chemotherapy stem cell transplant and some other type of therapies. The latest research shows that cannabis has substantial benefits for Leukemia patients who are undergoing chemotherapy. The study published that CBD and THC have proven anti-cancer effects when they are taken on their own. But when these compounds are administered after undergoing chemotherapy the cancerous cells are killed more efficiently.

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What Does The Research Means For Leukemia Those who are not familiar with leukaemia may wonder why cannabis would be needed as the chemotherapy kills the cancerous cells on its own. The chemo has the side effects that can make the person miserable than cancer itself. Some common side effects of chemotherapy are severe pain vomiting damage to nerves sexual disorders and it also damages the vital organs. But these are just a small portion of the side effects. The main benefit of the CBD hemp oil is that it can reduce the amount of chemotherapy needed to get the same effects as higher chemo doses. Finally The cannabis treatment for Leukemia means lower doses of chemo are required and there are fewer side effects. But the effects of THC or CBD are best when taken after the administration of chemotherapy. Resource Link:-