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Basic Security Officer Training Program:

Basic Security Officer Training Program


Introduction This program is developed to make a general protocol of what all security officers must learn as required as by state law.

Lesson #1: History of Security in America:

Lesson #1: H istory of Security in America Alan Pinkerton: - In 1857 He Founded the first security company in the U.S.. It was called the Pinkerton Detective Agency. ADT: - In 1874, the first alarm detection co. was formed Brinks: - In 1859, the first Armored Delivery Truck was formed. William Burns: – Mr.Burns founded the first Private Security Agency co. ASIS: - The first Security Association Formed.

Lesson: # 2 The Function of the Security Officer :

Lesson: # 2 The Function of the Security Officer To Observe: To keep the property and personnel of the client safe. To Report: To report any crimes Violations of rules or regulations Health and safety hazards To Deter: To deter crime Protect: To protect the client’s property and personal .

Lesson # 3 Legal Authority of a Security Officer:

Lesson # 3 Legal Authority of a Security Officer Arrest Powers: A security officer has the same arrest powers as a normal citizen. On September 17, 1787: The U.S. Constitution was created which enables citizens to make arrests. False Imprisonment: The unauthorized and unlawful restraint of a person, preventing their freedom of movement. Negligence: Failure to conduct oneself with due regard to safety and the rights of others. Invasion of Property: Violation of a person’s reasonable expectation of property.

Lesson#4 Fire Prevention and Control:

Lesson#4 Fire Prevention and Control Most Disastrous Fires: Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow: On 10/09/1871- The Cow kicked over a kerosene lamp destroyed most of Chicago. The Iroquois Theater: 12/30/09- In Chicago due to a fire in the theater killed 602 people. The Coconut Grove Nightclub – Boston, Mass. 11/28, 1942 - 492 people were killed. MGM Grand Hotel – Las Vegas, Nev.. 01/81- Over 75 people were killed during the fire. Note: These Fires drastically changed the codes across the country that covered fire prevention laws as we know them today.


Fire-Continued Types of Fire: Class A: Paper and Cloth Water Fire Extinguisher Class B: Chemical Co2 or Dry Powder Extinguishers The dry powder is usually a baking soda mixture or a soda ashe . Class C: Electrical Co2 Extinguishers or Halon System A halon system is a Hydrogen and Carbon compound. Used basically on computer systems. This compound is banded in a lot of states due to its corrosive nature and propensity to suffocate individuals.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Fire - Cont. Fire Systems: Sprinkler Systems Types: Dry Pipe Sprinkler Systems: These types are used in areas which others may freeze - This type the pipe is filled with nitrogen or Air under pressure . Deluge System: This system is used to flood extra hazardous areas with water to eliminate the fire immediately. Wet Pipe Sprinkler System: Always Under water pressure at all times to discharge water immediately.

Fire: Continued:

Fire: Continued The Fire Triangle: Heat Oxygen Fuel “All of the above components must be present in order to start and maintain a fire”

Fire Tips to Remember:

Fire Tips to Remember Inspect all areas of your post for fire Hazards. If a fire start Contact 911 immediately. After you have contacted 911 attempt to put out or contain fire. Note all fire hazards on your log. Check all fire extinguishers. Remember: Safety First.

Fire Prevention and Control Measures:

Fire Prevention and Control Measures

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