3 Common PTSD Treatment for Child


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If we talk about PTSD Treatment for Child, CPT is highly recommended and is a 12-week course of treatment, with weekly sessions of 60-90 minutes. Know more about it from our official website. https://bit.ly/32jvJEh


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For Post Traumatic Stress Disorder 3 Common PTSD Treatment for Child

What is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?:

What is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? PTSD is an anxiety disorder or an abnormal psychological condition develops after a person is exposed to a traumatic or painful incident. Individuals of any age and gender can suffer PTSD and symptoms may develop immediately after an accident or during the course of time . Psychologists, therapists, or psychiatrists can help people with PTSD deal with hurtful thoughts and bad feelings and get back to a normal life.

Cognitive Processing Therapy:

Cognitive Processing Therapy If we talk about PTSD Treatment for Child , CPT is highly recommended and is a 12-week course of treatment, with weekly sessions of 60-90 minutes . At first, you'll talk about the traumatic event with your therapist and how your thoughts related to it have affected your life. Then you'll write in detail about what happened. This process helps you examine how you think about your trauma and figure out new ways to live with it . This type of therapy teaches ways to replace negative, unhelpful thoughts and feelings with more positive thinking. 

Prolonged Exposure Therapy:

Prolonged Exposure Therapy If you've been avoiding things that remind you of the traumatic event, PE will help you confront them. It involves eight to 15 session, usually 90 minutes each . Early on in treatment, your therapist will teach you breathing techniques to ease your  anxiety  when you think about what happened.  Later, you'll make a list of the things you've been avoiding and learn how to face them, one by one. In another session, you'll recount the traumatic experience to your therapist , then go home and listen to a recording of yourself .


Medications If a child is feeling severe anxiety, fear and hopelessness, medication can be a useful addition to her psychotherapy for PTSD .  Antidepressant or anti-anxiety medications can help the child feel calmer, more in control and ready to apply the coping strategies she is learning in therapy . Medications help you stop thinking about and reacting to what happened , including having nightmares and flashbacks.  Our  Psychologist is devoted to helping children, families and clinicians decide whether medication might be a useful part of treatment .

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