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Inspiratory Muscle Training:

Inspiratory Muscle Training And it’s effect on endurance sport performance.


3 groups of respiratory muscles Prone to fatigue – just like skeletal muscles Fatigue of respiratory muscles = limited performance (Dempsey et al. 2006) Competition for increased blood flow


Metabolites induce an increase in sympathetic nerve activity. Constant fight between respiratory muscles and lower limb muscles. Metaboreflex - important for intense exercise ( Chiappa et al. 2008).

Inspiratory muscle fatigue and how it affects endurance sport performance:

Inspiratory muscle fatigue and how it affects endurance sport performance


Wuthrich and Notter (2013) - Cycled exhaustion at 85% max work output PF-EX C-EX 15.4 ± 4.9 min 17.2 ± 5.0 min 14%


Romer et al. (2006) – CNTRL – 90% peak O 2 uptake to exhaustion -28 ± 5% below baseline measurements PAV – same duration and power output as CNTRL -20 ±5% below baseline measurements

How are these muscles trained?:

How are these muscles trained?


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