Bleeding Hemorrhoids

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Bleeding hemorrhoids:

Bleeding hemorrhoids Information About Bleeding Hemorrhoids

what are bleeding hemorrhoids?:

what are bleeding hemorrhoids ? Inflamed / irritated veins in or around the anus Caused by a variety of factors Usually consists of: Extra pressure caused by pregnancy or constipation Poor blood circulation & cleanliness Weakened veins , inflammation Lack of nutrition ( inability to absorb nutrition )

Why do hemorrhoids bleed?:

Why do hemorrhoids bleed ? The vein endures excessive pressure Breaks or tears Due to either : Extreme pressure Sharp stool Harsh wiping A serious sign that something is not right Should not be ignored

How to stop the bleeding?:

How to stop the bleeding ? Two words : Butcher’s Broom Used in Europe to prevent thrombosis after operations Exhibits constricting action on veins NOTE: More effective if used with vitamin C Also anti- inflammatory agent

Where to get it & how to use it:

Where to get it & how to use it Hemorrhoid Rescue Clear instructions on the bottle Safe . Proven . Effective

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