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Hemorrhoid care:

Hemorrhoid care How To Take Care of your Hemorrhoids www.HemorrhoidRescue.com

Taking care of hemorrhoids:

Taking care of hemorrhoids Takes a while to develop hemorrhoids Therefore, takes a while to rid hemorrhoids Certain items to be sure to do Certain items to be sure to avoid Make sure taking care of hemorrhoids www.HemorrhoidRescue.com

Hemorrhoid care “do’s”:

Hemorrhoid care “ do’s ” Reverse constipation Get moderate exercise Drink lots of water Sit on normal pillow Sitz bath Damp toilet paper www.HemorrhoidRescue.com

hemorrhoid care “dont’s”:

hemorrhoid care “ dont’s ” Do not use donut shaped pillows Do not sit on toilet for long amount of time Do not sit /stand for long periods of time Do not wipe too much / too hard Do not ignore them www.HemorrhoidRescue.com

Best hemorrhoid care:

Best hemorrhoid care TAKE CARE OF IT FOR GOOD! Focus on long-term solution Heal hemorrhoids from the inside out Get the root of the problem Get your life back www.HemorrhoidRescue.com

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