Hemorrhoids And Pregnancy

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Hemorrhoids and pregnancy:

Hemorrhoids and pregnancy Causes and Cures www.HemorrhoidRescue.com

What are hemorrhoids?:

What are hemorrhoids ? Inflammed , irritated veins in your anus www.HemorrhoidRescue.com

What causes hemorrhoids during pregnancy?:

The extra weight of the baby creates added stress on your anal veins Constipation Poor posture Lack of nutrition Dehydration Lack of fiber Sitting for long periods of time What causes hemorrhoids during pregnancy ? www.HemorrhoidRescue.com

How can i fix this?:

How can i fix this ? Add more exercise to your daily routine Try to add more fiber and nutrition to your diet Drink more water ; you are drinking for two Try not to sit for extended periods of time www.HemorrhoidRescue.com

What if that doesn’t work?:

What if that doesn’t work ? For some people , small changes in diet and daily habits are not enough . www.HemorrhoidRescue.com

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