New Zealand

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New Zealand:

New Zealand

Culture of new Zealand :

Culture of new Zealand the culture of new Zealand's largely inherited from British and European custom, new Zealand's indigenous Maori people have unique and fascinating language and culture

Geography of new Zealand:

Geography of new Zealand The geography of new Zealand encompasses two main islands (the north and south islands, te - ika -a- mavi and te wa pounamu in Māori) and number of smaller islands located near the Centre of water hemisphere, new Zealand varies in climate from cold and wet to dry and to subtropical is some areas and most of the landscape is mountainous

Economy of new Zealand:

Economy of new Zealand new Zealand has a market economy that depends greatly an international trade, mainly with Australia the European union the united states china south Korea and japan

Famous attraction of new Zealand :

Famous attraction of new Zealand The best attractions of new Zealand are: coromandel peninsula Abel Tasman national rark Sky tower Napier art deco Kaikoura Franz Josef glacier Rotorua Tanga riro national bay of islands Milford sound

History of new Zealand :

History of new Zealand The first European explorer to sight new Zealand was abel janszon Tasman on 13 December 1642, captain James cook, who reached new Zealand in October 1769 on the first of this three voyages was the first European explorer to circumnavigate and new Zealand