Tepalcatepec Mich

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Tepalcatepec Mich.:

Tepalcatepec Mich. By: Angela Barragan.


We speak Spanish. Gestures Language

Most important people :

Most important people The most important people in my community is the president and the police.

Most important groups :

Most important groups We don’t have important groups but now we have a important group that its called Los comunitarios and they want to clean michoacan because in michoacan its to much bad people who want to kill other people and the comunitarios don’t want to kill them they just want to protect michoacan.

Traditions :

Traditions One of our traditions is the 4 th of October we celebrate the san Francisco's day.




A rts We made to much artisans, designs and colorful baskets and rugs are some of the common associate with Mexican folk art.


Religion The 90% is catholic.

Form of government.:

Form of government. The form of government in Michoacán is federal.


F ood They are many different food in Michoacán but the most famous food are enchiladas, morizqueta, posole, menudo, carnitas, tacos and burritos.