Los Reyes Mich

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Los Reyes Mich.:

Los Reyes Mich.


LANGUAGE We speak Spanish in Mexico

Most important people In our community.:

Most important people In our community. The important people is the president because he controls the community.

Important groups in our community :

Important groups in our community In Los Reyes there is a group called “Los comunitarios” they want to protect all Michoacán from the criminals


Traditions In Michoacán we have many traditions like Christmas, dia de los muertos, las posadas and el dia de la virgen de Guadalupe.


Arts The people in Michoacán make every year a colorful basket and rugs are some of the common items in Michoacán.

Religion :

Religion The 90% of the people in Michoacán are catholic and the rest have other religion.

Form of government.:

Form of government. The form of government in Michoacán is federal.

Food :

Food There is many food in Michoacán some of them are tacos, enchiladas, posole, morisqueta and menudo.

Gestures :

Gestures The people shake their hands to be friends or to get to know each other