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The language of El Salvador is Spanish. The majority of the population of El Salvador speak Spanish . While Spanish is widely spoken in El Salvador. Languages


Gestures People point with their lips as pointing with the finger is often considered rude.  To beckon someone, it’s often a nod of the head or waving your hand down. 


Traditions The Salvadoran territory are the festivities of different peoples, and there are dances, costumes, groups, food, music instruments and own Salvadoran folklore . Some holiday as: Christmas, New yea’s day, Patron's Saint Festivities, Independence Day and more.

Social organization::

Social organization: Who are the most important people in a community and why? The president is an important person because he leads the entire nation and the country.


arts El Salvador prized the arts, especially literature; one of the country’s most widely respected poets are, Roque Dalton , Manlio Argueta and Francisco Rodriguez.


religion There is diversity of religious and ethnic groups in El Salvador. The majority of the population are Christians, Roman, Catholics, Mormonism, Pentecostal, Islam, Judaism and Jehovah's Witnesses here are some religions in El Salvador

Form of government:

Form of government The Republic of El Salvador is a sovereign state and sovereignty resides in the people. The Constitution establishes a republican, democratic and representative government.


food El Salvador has a great diversity of food is based on some time ago some are traditional and others are very famous such as: fried yucca, pupusas, tamales, seafood platters, enchiladas, corn porridge, riguas and more ....