Sugar Free 9 Life Changing Reasons To Follow A Sugar Free Diet

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How to start a sugar-free diet. ... Here is a List of What To Eat and What To Avoid When Following a Sugar-Free Lifestyle. Don't go from eating sugar non-stop to completely eliminating it in 24 hours because it will most likely backfire.


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9 Life Changing Reasons To Follow A Sugar Free Diet BY EMILY HOSKINS The Healthy Lifestyle Guide To Sugar Free Diets

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Table of Contents Introduction Chapter 1: The Sweet Poison Chapter 2: Sugar – The Stepping Stone to Liver Damage Chapter 3: Insulin Resistance and Diabetes – Added Sugar Is Definitely Bad Chapter 4: Red Alert to the Beauty Conscious Ones Chapter 5: Quit Sugar to Shed Pounds Chapter 6: Looking For Nutrients and Better Teeth Time to Quit Sugar Chapter 7: Does Sugar Induce Cancer

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Chapter 8: The New Cocaine Chapter 9: Sugar’s Effect on Fertility Chapter 10: Quitting Sugar Works Wonders on Weight Loss Chapter 11: Tips to De-Addict From Sugar Chapter 12: Start Sensible Eating Now

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a Want to Cure Diabetes Click Here Introduction First of all I would like to thank you and congratulate you for purch sing “ Sugar Free: 9 Life Changing Reasons to follow a Sugar Free Die t” . NEWS FLASH – Sugar is bad for you Well to be honest this is probably not news for most of you as a society we are starting to become more aware of the hidden dangers in the processed foods that dominate the shelf space in our supermarkets take away stores gas stations etc. If you’re like me then at some stage in your life you’ve probably been addicted to sugar and you may not have even been aware of it. The trouble is in most cases the foods that contain the refined sugars typically taste really yummy But whilst we may be more aware that sugar is bad for us than we were a few years ago in large most people still don’t understand why. I’m going to assume that based on the fact that you have purchased this book that you’re more than likely someone who cares about your health and what you put into your body. Therefore you may relate a dietary book such as this one to weight loss benefits energy levels etc. However whilst sugar certainly impedes both of these sugar also contributes to so many other areas of your life. Liver damage insulin resistance and diabetes your looks yes your looks cancer and even your abilityto have children. That’s why I tilted the book 9 Life Changing Reasons to Follow a Sugar Free Diet because having even just a basic understanding of

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a how bad sugar is for you along with simple tips on how to eliminate sugar from your diet truly is Life Changing Inside this book you’ll find nine of the most important reasons to follow a sugar free diet along with proven strategies on how to incorporate it into your current diet. It elaborates on the nine most harmful effects of sugar and means to effectively combat sugar addiction. This book is your ultimate guide to understanding the effects of sugar and how to live a sugar free lifestyle. It provides valuable insight on Sugar Free Dieting how you can Lose Weight Gain More Energy and Benefit from this Healthy Lifestyle Choice. Thanks again for downloading this book I hope you enjoy it Copyright 2014 by Emily Hoskins - All rights reserved. This document is geared towards providing exact and reliable inform tion in regards to the topic and issue covered. The publication is sold with the idea that the publisher is not required to render accounting officially permitted or otherwise qualified services. If advice is necessary legal or professional a practiced individual in the profession should be ordered. - From a Declaration of Principles which was accepted and approved equally by a Committee of the American Bar Association and a Committee of Publishers and Associations. In no way is it legal to reproduce duplicate or transmit any part of this document in either electronic means or in

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a printed format. Recording of this publication is strictly prohibited and any storage of this document is not allowed unless with written permission from the publisher. All rights reserved. The information provided herein is stated to be truthful and consistent in that any liability in terms of inattention or otherwise by any usage or abuse of any policies processes or directions contained within is the solitary and utter responsibility of the recipient reader. Under no circumstances will any legal responsibility or blame be held against the publisher for any reparation damages or monetary loss due to the information herein either directly or indirectly. Respective authors own all copyrights not held by the publisher. The information herein is offered for informational purposes solely and is universal as so. The presentation of the information is without contract or any type of guarantee assurance. The trademarks that are used are without any consent and the publication of the trademark is without permission or backing by the trademark owner. All trademarks and brands within this book are for clarifying purposes only and are the owned by the owners themselves not affiliated with this document.

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Chapter 1: a To Cure Diabetes Click Here The Sweet Poison In the present lifestyle of rushing through fast food breakfasts midd y meals and take out dinners it has become increasingly difficult to stick to a healthy diet plan. One of the most important considerations in health that many of us are unaware of or rather tend to overlook is the multitude of harmful effects produced on the body by the consumption of sugar. Before learning more about the most crucial of these reasons it is important to know the types of sugar and how each gets metabolized in the body. Sugar in consideration with health can be classified chiefly into two-good sugar and bad sugar. When simple sugars like fructose glucose and lactose are obtained naturally from whole foods say fruits they are not harmful for the body as they come along with nutrients like vitamins minerals proteins fiber and antioxidants. The presence of fiber hinders the absorption of sugar into the body thereby lowering its harmful effects. This type of natural sugar is healthy and is termed good. On the other hand any type of sugar which is added to food while cooking or processing is called added sugar and is unhealthy. Refined sugar can indeed be viewed as a poison since it is completely devoid of proteins vitamins and minerals. In order to metabolize these refined carbohydrates the body utilizes the essential nutrients stored in the cells thereby damaging them and affecting the overall health of the body. Nutrients are essential to synthesize starch and carbohydrates whose incomplete metabolism will result in the accumulation of toxic substances like pyruvic acid and abnormal sugars. In addition to creation of toxic substances excess consumption of refined sugar will also exhaust and rip the body of essential vitamins and minerals due to the high demands created to digest detoxify and further eliminate sugar from the system.

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Chapter 2: Who doesn’t love Oreo cookies Most of us gorge down an entire packet in one sitting forgetting that just by eating six cookies we are consuming nothing but 370 empty calories with no nutritional benefits. This amounts to more than 50 of the daily calorie requirement. Also it leaves one craving for more sugar in a couple of hours. Chemical flavor enhancers are another health impairing factor and processed foods contain both sugar and flavor in abundance. Similarly soft drinks like diet soda are called ‘liquid candy’ due to their high sugar content. They have artificial sweeteners that are sweeter than sugar and will promote sugar cravings. Adding sugar to everyday food has become the norm and any packed or processed food available in the market be it bread or cheese spread has artificial calorific sweeteners. Even the very products available in the market to enable weight loss- the low fat diet foods contain very high amounts of fructose. The metabolism of fructose is a function of solely the liver high amounts of which will therefore take a toll on the health of this very vital organ. Unlike glucose which is burned up by the body for energy fructose gets stored as fat deposits. Sugar is as addictive a substance as cocaine or any other drug therefore the only means to avoid its devastating effects is not consumption in moderation but total abstinence by followinga healthy sugar free diet. Let us look at the top 9 reasons to make this transition to sugar free eating now Sugar –The Stepping Stone to Liver Damage Added sugar being high in fructose is the chief factor contributing to liver damage. This happens because the synthesis of fructose by the body is different from that of glucose. Fructose can only be metabolized by the liver in very small quantities. When it is obtained from fruits it comes with essential nutrients and can easily be turned into glycogen and stored in the liver. However when the body is already in excess of glycogen more amounts of added sugar means more fructose which will overload the

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Chapter 3: To Cure Diabetes Naturally Click Here liver. Also the excess fructose gets stored as fat. This over a period of time will result in fatty liver and other serious health problems. This susceptibility varies person to person since people who exercise regularly and remain active can ingest more sugar than those who do not. The fructose that gets stored as fat in the liver is later carried out as cholesterol particles. However a certain quantity gets lodged in the liver and is not transported out. This leads to Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease NAFLD or simply fatty liver a serious health condition which is on the rise in Western countries. It is closely connected to metabolic disorders and increases the risk for diabetes and heart attacks. The chief reason behind fattylivers is the high fructose corn syrup found in a good number of processed foods. Fatty liver is associated with a whole other bunch of problems. It leads to inflammation in the body which in turn leads to insulin resistance and pre-diabetes which is characterized by fat deposits around organs and in the belly. This belly fat is dangerous as it signifies quantities of the dangerous cholesterol LDL. Nowadays even 10 and 12 year olds are amongst those who get liver transplants for fatty liver. This shows the alarming detrimental quality of the modern day food habits which rely on fast food and sodas as the staple diet. It’s high time we inculcated the habit of healthy eating in the younger generation so as to bring them up in the best of health and not poisoned from a very young age. The best way to ensure this is to eliminate fructose and include more vegetables and fibers in the diet. Insulin Resistance and Diabetes –Added Sugar Is Definitely Bad Contrary to prior notions that insulin’s only role is in metabolism by allowing glucose to enter the blood stream and get

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Chapter 4: broken down to release energy the scientific community has realized that insulin has a wider scope and too much of its presence in the body can be quite hazardous. Excess of blood glucose levels is dangerous and insulin is the hormone that lowers it by helping cells to absorb it from the blood. Now what if the cells stop responding to this hormone This is exactly what happens in the case of insulin resistance. It occurs when the insulin produced by the pancreas is not used effectively to absorb glucose or in other words the cells become resistant to it. This leads to high glucose levels in the blood which is the foremost factor of type 2 diabetes. Once the cells stop responding to insulin there is a higher demand for insulin in order for the cells to absorb glucose. When the pancreas is unable to meet this demand glucose levels surge and over time this becomes type 2 diabetes prediabetes or other health problems. Studies have shown that insulin resistance is directly linked to sugar consumption. This becomes even more dangerous if the body is overweight or remains inactive. Hence losing weight will reduce the risks of insulin resistance and delay or prevent type 2 diabetes. People who suffer from insulin resistance often have inflammation throughout the body and problems in blood clotting which increases the risk of developing blood clots in the vessels. This may lead to cardiovascular diseases. Sugars like sucrose or fructose decrease insulin sensitivity thereby increasing chances of heart failures. While medicationslike Glucophage can help to an extent with controlling insulin resistance they are only effective when used alongside a comprehensive diet plan. This calls for altering our present day diet laden with added sugars and carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are easily absorbed into the body which in turn increases the blood glucose levels rapidly. In order for the glucose metabolism to be efficient the cells must be cooperative and not resistant. Embracing a healthy eating habit comprising of less or no sugar is the only way to reverse insulin resistance before it has led to drastic changes in health.

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Chapter 5: To Cure Diabetes in 21 Days Click Here Red Alert to the Beauty Conscious Ones Even if you are aware of the detrimental effects of sugar consumption on the body chances are that you haven’t realized it’s not just your waistline or liver that gets affected but also your skin. Good skin is a prerequisite for appearing young and healthy and is desired by all. Therefore it is definitely bad news to anyone out there with a sweet tooth that sugar causes wrinkling and premature aging of skin. How sugar effects these changes is as follows: when there is an increase in the consumption of sugar or foods that are easily converted to sugar the body metabolizes these to release glucose which causes a spike in insulin levels causing bursts of inflammation all over the body. The enzymes produced as a result of these inflammations will break down collagen and elastin fibers which result in wrinkles and skin that sags prematurely. Also it results in glycation the process by which digested sugar gets affixed to collagen permanently. Glycation increases the effects of aging and also deteriorates skin conditions like acne. This happens because high insulin level causes hormonal changes that trigger oil production and proliferation of cells that block skin pores. Also insulin resistance leads to excess hair growth and dark blotches on the skin. Thus cutting back on sugar is the best way to care for your skin. If you are really conscious about your skin and beauty you should know specifically the right food choices. Avoid carbohydrates food that is glycemic or high in saturated fats. A few seemingly unavoidable examples are white bread candy pasta cream cheese pizza and sodas. Opt for those foods that are less in sugar content and will not cause insulin spikes. These include low glycemic fibrous food and healthy fats. Healthy fats like omega 3 will in fact keep your skin supple and radiant. Meal timings and balance is just as important to obtain the maximum benefits of a healthy diet. Low sugar content does not necessarily mean lower food

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Chapter 6: quantities. Include more of high protein food like lean meat fish eggs lentils beans etc and always consume proteins first while eating since they do not cause insulin spikes thereby ensuring that the skin is free from inflammations and early aging. Consume food laden with anti-glycating antioxidants like apple which will fight glycation and prolong the youth of skin. Quit Sugar to Shed Pounds Blood sugar or glucose levels are of prime importance if you are looking for ways to maintain body fitness. Glucose is the main source of our energy and it determines our hunger and energy levels. In the presence of fiber less nutrient less refined sugars the pancreas produces more insulin to convert this sugar to energy. Also the insulin surge results in the stoppage of fat burning processes in the body resulting in the storage of fat. The insulin surge results in a large quantity of blood glucose to be carried out of the blood and this causes a sudden drop in sugar and insulin levels. This leads to feelings of tiredness and hunger and the person gets an intense craving for something with sugar in order to tackle this fatigue. Thus the consumption of sugar is repeated in lieu of cutting down on it. Therefore it comes as no surprise that people who consume more sugar are the ones more likely to be overweight or obese. What many of us do to lose weight is skip meals or go on a stringent diet. This is wrong. When you skip meals your body metabolism slows down and consequent loss of weight is only temporary. Also this weight loss comes from mostly water and muscles and not fat since the body conserves its fat deposits at a time of sudden weight loss due to starvation. Contrary to this controlling blood sugar levels is the most effective and safe way to keep your body’s fat burning capacity in check if you are aiming to shed a few pounds. Since most of the sugar laden foods are nutritionally empty cutting down on them will help you get rid of excess calories without jeopardizing your nutrient requirements. However many of us tend to

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Chapter 7: overindulge on sugary snacks without realizing its contribution to weight gain. Even an excess of 500 kilocalories per day can lead to a one pound weight gain over a week. What is truly shocking is that these 500 kilocalories are nothing but the equivalent of 5 cookies. The bottom line is this-stop eating sugar if you want to lose weight. If you are looking for a healthier lifestyle try to include lots and lots of nutrient rich food like vegetables fruits and whole grains in your diet and eliminate excess amounts of sugar. Reducing the quantity of sugar in your diet will make you stop binging occasionally and also make you eat less food overall thus promoting more weight loss and health. Looking For Nutrients and Better Teeth Time to Quit Sugar It’s worth repeating over and over again that added sugar contains absolutely no essential nutrients and is very bad for your health. It is often called a drug as it has been stripped of all nutrients during refining. It has simply vacant empty calories contributing to weight gain and health problems because the body must obtain vital nutrients from healthy cells to synthesize the overload of sugar. Most of the processed foods contain sucrose and fructose in large amounts and have no proteins essential fats vitamins or minerals and is just pure energy. When 10-20 of your daily calorie requirement is met from sugar this results in nutrient deficiencies and creates major health problems. Excess sugar content leads to chromium and copper deficiencies and also interferes with the body’s absorption of calcium magnesium sodium and potassium. With higher levels of sugar more calcium is taken from the cells to neutralize its effects and this causes calcium deficiencies leading to conditions like osteoporosis. Calcium is the most prominent nutrient required for the health of teeth. When calcium is withdrawn from cells to compensate for the sugar levels it badly affects the vitality of teeth and decay occurs. Sugar provides easily digestible energy for the bacteria in the mouth which produce acids that dissolve and damage teeth. This causes loss of enamel leading to cavities and exposure of

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Chapter 8: inner layers of the teeth which become sensitive and painful. A study conducted by Harvard University proved that the risk of dental caries increases if the sugar consumption is in a sticky form that can attach to the surface of the teeth. This calls for eliminating such food items from the diet. Thus the key to better teeth is quitting sugar or avoiding it as much as possible be it in food or drinks. If at all you do need soft drinks try to keep that to a minimum and drink a good deal of water just after every sweet or acidic drink.

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Chapter 9: a e To Cure Diabetes Permanently Click Here Does Sugar Induce Cancer Cancer is one of the most frightening diseases afflicting large number of th population worldwide. It is a leading reason behind deaths and presently has no successful cure as such. With greater number of people getting diagnosed with this deadly disease each day any new information regarding it is highly beneficial. According to recent reports sugar consumption is linked to the growth of cancer cells. Cancer is characterized by uncontrolled growth and proliferation of cells. Insulin is the hormone determining this type of growth and sugar levels are directly related to insulin. Inflammation arising from elevated sugar levels is also a contributory cause for cancer. Therefore many scientists believe that having higher levels of insulin in the body can actually contribute to cancer. In addition to this a study conducted in 2013 found that sugar in the intestine leads to the production of a hormone called GIP. This hormone is controlled by a protein known as beta

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Chapter 10: u e catenin which is directly dependent on sugar levels. Thus beta catenin leads to more production of insulin by the pancreas. According to researchers this protein may affect the cells vulnerability to cancer formation. In addition patients with breast and colon cancer whose sugar and starch intake were high had lesser survival rates than those patients who maintained their sugar levels. Also some studies conducted on animals found artificial sweeteners similar to carcinogenic factors. Although this is not yet proved it is best to avoid artificial sweeteners than take a chance with health. Sugar adds too many unnecessary calories resulting in weight gain. Being overweight puts you at a higher risk for cancer. Therefore the best way to prevent a cancer threat is to limit your sugar intake. Always stick within the permitted amount of not more than six teaspoons per day. Make a habit of reading the food labels to know the hidden sugars like sucrose dextrose maltose etc and try to avoid or moderate its consumption. If you are unable to live without any sugar then satiate your sweetness needs with natural sugars like molasses agave nectar honey and maple syrup. All these are measures that will definitely help you obtain better health and also rule out risks of getting deadly diseases like cancer.

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Chapter 11: r u a e a The New Cocaine C tting back on sugar consumption is an extremely difficult nearly impossibl task. There seems to be some mechanism of the brain which makes sugar seem as addictive as any drug making it one of the widely used yet unsuspected dangerous substances. Sugar and other junk food can overpower the brain chemistry to make us crave for more. This happens because sugar intake overstimulates the reward centers of the brain causing addiction. Consuming a large quantity of sugar causes a massive dopamine release in the reward centers of the brain which is interpreted as ‘pleasure’ similar as in the case of highly addictive drug like cocaine or nicotine. When sugar is had often and in large amounts the brain reduces its dopamine receptors this is called ‘down regulation’ and this is how we develop a tolerance. The next time we consume sugar the effect is reduced and we will require more quantity of it in order to feel satisfied. Thus it leads to a person eating more quantities of sugar over time due to its powerful effect on the reward centers of the brain. This sort of a craving often gets misinterpreted as hunger but these are two different things.

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Chapter 12: u e However craving be it for drugs or sugar is similar in its obsessive nature and creates identical thought processes. Sugar is also found to have some effects on the opioid pathways the same systems utilized by drugs like heroine and morphine. In people who are more susceptible to addiction this may even lead to anatomical changes in the brain when exposed to this type of food resulting in full-blown addiction. Therefore addiction to sugar is as dangerous as addiction to any abusive drug and the only way to combat true addiction is complete abstinence. Sug ar’s Effect on Fe tility S gar creates a cascade of fertility problems or makes m tters worsefor som one lready struggling with those. This happens due to sugar’s abilityto mess up your hormones which is manifest easily when it disrupts the delicate balance in our sex hormones. This causes a negative impact on your reproductive health and is not just a concern about childbirth. When sugar levels drop down too fast the adrenaline glands release cortisol and adrenaline in order to make up for the sudden

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Chapter 13: r u a e a drop. This weakens the gland and creates changes in hormonal levels. Also cortisol and progesterone compete for the same receptor binding sites. Progesterone is central for ovulation and these changes in turn affect oestrogen androgens DHEA in the body. Inflammation created by sugar consumption is another way in which fertility is affected. Conditions like endometriosis makes implantation of an embryo difficult due to its effects on the uterine lining. Insulin resistance affects ovulation maturation of the egg and implantation of the embryo within the womb. It also increases chances of misconception adversely affecting reproductive abilities. High sugar levels aggravate the effects of PMS by contributing to hypoglycemia the condition of low levels of glucose in the blood. High sugar consumption also depletes the body’s resources of vitamins and minerals and lowers immunity. This in turn increases the risk of getting infections which may prove fatal. Thus knowing the ways in which sugar affects fertility provides all the more reasons to toss sugar out of your life once and for all

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Chapter 10: r u a To Cure Diabetes Naturally Click Here Quitting Sugar Wo ks Wonders on Weight Loss S gar is the first thing to cut down if you are looking to shed a few pounds or chieve better fitness since there is a direct relation between sugar consumption and obesity. As discussed the way sugar affects the brain and the endocrine system is a working principle to gain fat. Let’s see how exactly sugar makes you overweight. The decreased satiety felt over a period of time results in more and more quantities of sugar being consumed by a person and this adds so many extra unnecessary calories to the body which are turned into fat. Naturally people who consume a lot of sugar have greater chances of being overweight or obese. A true addict of sugar has absolutely no control over his intake and this can prove to be quite catastrophic to the body. Soft drinks and other sweetened beverages have assumed a significant proportion of our daily intake and this has led to greater obesity rates irrespective of age. Sugar consumption has increased over the years at an alarming rate. From the average count of 4 pounds per year by a person during the 1700s the rate stood at 180 pounds during 2009 and has been on the rise. It should then come as no surprise that the western world is caught up in an obesity epidemic where the presence of excess weight increases the chances of conditions like heart disease liver failures and diabetes.

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Chapter 11: r a a The shocking statistics reveal one thing-that all our drinks be it sports drinks fruit juices or energy drinks as well as all our packed foods is pretty much loaded with sugar in various names. Rather than bring about a shift in these unhealthy eating practices the general public chooses to continue being addicted to it and also feed it to children from a very young age. Most infant formula contains as much sugar as a can of Coca Cola thus what we are feeding our young ones is literally ruining their health from day one. The means to combat obesity is to reduce sugar intake specifically fructose which comes in abundance in the form of table sugar and in high fructose corn syrup. Promotion of healthy diet plans sans sugar is the only way to minimize the risks of being overweight. Tips to De-Addict F om Sugar It takes a lot of patience and effort to cut back on sug r intake to finally reach point where you don’t need sugar at all. The more sugar you eat the more you crave since sugar is a highly addictive substance. This calls for total abstinence achieved by following a sugar free diet. However it is advisable not to go cold turkey on sugar intake but to bring it down gradually. For example if you are used to eating two candy bars a day reduce the number to one and then half and eventually you won’t need any. The next way is to train your taste buds to be accustomed to less amounts of sugar. You can set a daily sugar quota at first which will help you realize where exactly you need it the most. Identify what you can completely avoid or cut down in your diet. For example you can have sugar in the form of fruits or dairy products

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Chapter 12: but avoid fruit juices desserts and fizzy drinks. Start reading food labels and knowing the various names of sugar in order to choose the healthier options. For example sugar can be labeled as sucrose glucose fructose maltose corn syrup hydrolyzed starch etc. Knowing that these are all various forms of added sugar can make quite a big difference in your intake at the end of the day. Plan every meal during the day around zero sugar options. Replace your high sugar breakfast cereal with lesser sugar varieties or those with no added sugar. Go for plain porridge or porridge oats which contain vitamins minerals and fiber. Many non sweet food items which you normally have with your main meals contain fairly large amounts of sugar. Examples are ready made soups and sauces. Also instead of eating snacks like cakes and chocolate go for healthier options like fruits and unsalted nuts. Avoiding sweetened drinks is another way by which you can reduce sugar intake since nearly a quarter of your added sugar comes solely from such sugary drinks like juices and fizzy drinks. Being aware of the smart food choices and sticking to a sugar free diet is the only way to reduce your sugar consumption. Gradually using lesser amounts your craving decreases and this in turn will help you get started on a successful sugar free life. Start Sensible Eating Now The key to lead a healthier happier life is to be conscious of your body’s nutrient demands and plan your meals in accordance with those. Before you reach out to grab your second candy bar stop and think for a moment. Do you really need to poison your body with all that extra sugar when you are fully aware of the damage it causes If you give prime importance to health then you don’t have a moment to lose in starting

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Chapter 13: r a a sensible eating. Here are a few tips to plan your meals in order to lower sugar intake. The best way to ensure that you are left free of sugar consumption is to eat regular meals and snacks. This is because sugar cravings are definitely going to trouble you if you remain hungry and the only way to avoid this is by having your meals on time. Also take care to eat meals such that your essential macro and micronutrient requirements are met. It is just as important to eat a healthy breakfast every single morning that is laden with essential nutrients especially proteins. Never skip breakfast and see that it is not some sugary cereal but something with a good amount of protein like eggs and healthy fats which take longer to digest. This will keep you fully charged during the day and also rid you off sugar cravings. If you have a sugary temptation in your house you are very likely to end up eating it. Therefore get rid of all sweets chocolates and such sugary treats from your house so that you don’t mindlessly indulge in unwanted sugar at any point. Yet another smart eating choice is to swap simple carbohydrates for complex ones. Replace your white rice with brown rice white bread for brown bread and whole grain pasta instead of white pasta. This is enriched with more fiber content and the complex carbohydrates take longer to break down thereby decreasing hunger. Avoid relying too much on packed and processed readymade food available in the market and try to make food from scratch at home. This will help avoid intake of all the hidden sugar in processed foods and bring down sugar values to a great extent.

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Chapter 14: Sensible eating would remain incomplete in the lack of proper exercise. Hence regular exercise is just as important to a healthier lifestyle. Studies prove that your preference for sweetened food decreases after exercise. This is in addition to exercise being a great stress buster. Hence regular exercise along with healthy eating is essential to achieve your health target. To sum up being aware of the detrimental effects of sugar on body health and following a habit of sugar free dieting will definitely help you to lead an easy to adhere healthy lifestyle.

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Conclusion Now that you have a better understanding of sugar and the impacts it can have on you and your body you can implement this useful important information into your lifestyle to improve the health benefits of your palate for reasons such as weight- loss and increased energy levels. Overall a sugar free diet holds a wide array of benefits and holds the potential to significantly improve your health and well- beingwhich in turn will lead to a better quality of life. Your body will certainly thank you. Again thank you for downloading this book. If you have a moment it would be appreciated if you could leave a review as I would love to get your feedback. Thanks again and good luck

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Table of Contents Introduction Chapter 1: The Sweet Poison Chapter 2: Sugar – The Stepping Stone to Liver Damage Chapter 3: Insulin Resistance and Diabetes – Added Sugar Is Definitely Bad Chapter 4: Red Alert to the Beauty Conscious Ones Chapter 5: Quit Sugar to Shed Pounds Chapter 6: Looking For Nutrients and Better Teeth Time to Quit Sugar Chapter 7: Does Sugar Induce Cancer Chapter 8: The New Cocaine

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Chapter 9: Sugar’s Effect on Fertility Chapter 10: Quitting Sugar Works Wonders on Weight Loss Chapter 11: Tips to De-Addict From Sugar Chapter 12: Start Sensible Eating Now

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