Everything You Need To Know About Different Types of Disability Aids


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Health and Mobility specialises in offering a wide range of disability aids like stocking aids, moon boots / cam boot, wheelchairs, mobility scooters and many more.


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EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT DIFFERENT TYPES OF DISABILITY AIDS Phone : 03 8368 2266 Follow us on Twitter Mobilityaidsau Visit our website www.healthandmobility.com.au

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DISABILITY AIDS ARE VITAL Disability aids are essential for those facing issues with executing work with both the hands. Disability aids help them carry out their work in a normal pay.

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Different Types of Disability Aids

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STOCKING AIDS Individuals suffering from the problem of bending down to reach the foot and wear socks on their own can opt for these.

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MOON BOOTS OR CAM BOOT Moon boots are designed to cater your arch pain and to provide support to your heels. It decreases the heel – strike on the heel. BENEFITS Great Support Decreases foot pain Increases blood flow Heals ankle injury faster Ease of walking

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ELECTRIC WHEELCHAIRS Electric Wheelchair benefits to the quality of life and physical health of users by helping in causing a reduction in common issues like progression of deformities pressure sores and improvement in digestion and respiration

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MOBILITY SCOOTERS Mobility scooters provide the means to move around freely and interact with friends families and other people around. They are widely used by the people suffering from arthritis sclerosis or any other condition that makes walking difficult and painful.

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HEALTH AND MOBILITY Health and Mobility are a specialist in supplying Quality Mobility products from World Leading manufacturers suppliers in Melbourne. We offer a wide range of disability aids based on user comfort ease of use for transportation and functions to suit different terrains.

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CONTACT US Health and Mobility Unit 1 / 10 Dunlop Road Hoppers Crossing VIC 3029 Phone : 03 8368 2266 https://www.healthandmobility.com.au

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