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Health and Mobility offers a broad range of disability aids in Melbourne. Visit our website or call us on 03 8368 2266 for more details.


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Making Lives Simpler with Disability Aids in Melbourne Follow us on Twitter Mobilityaidsau Phone: 03 8368 2266 Visit Our Website https://www.healthandmobility.com.au

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Many of us have faced some or the other difficulty in life - some may have encountered the problem in walking while some may have experienced the problem in holding things for long The reasons may vary but the best part is we have solutions for all

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The individuals who are facing these issues can opt for Disability Aids in Melbourne. The basic and the most important benefit of using them is they give a sense of independence a feeling that boosts up the confidence directly.

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Different Types of Disability Aids

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Showering And Bathing aids Reaching aids Dressing Aids Personal Grooming Products

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Kitchen Aids Bad Pans And Urinals Toileting Aids

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Wide Range of Disability Aids in Melbourne ▪ Health and Mobility offers the extensive range of disability aids in Melbourne. ▪ From button/zip aids sock aids long handled sponges for showering to shoe horns we stock all.

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Contact us Health And Mobility Unit 1 / 10 Dunlop Road Hoppers Crossing VIC 3029 Phone : 03 8368 2266 https://www.healthandmobility.com.au

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