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Health And Mobility offers a wide range of Mobility Scooters in Melbourne to suit all user's needs. Call us on 03 8368 2266


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Top Reasons Why You Need To Opt For Mobility Scooters Health and Mobility Mobility Scooters are required when problems are experienced with standing or walking for long periods of time. They help ease mobility problems by acting as an aide. Here are the most common uses of Mobility Scooters: 1 Convenience A walker or cane is considered appropriate when travelling a short distance but it can tire out a person. For longer distances the portable motorized scooter is a good option. It is easy to handle and also can be disassembled for transport and storage purposes.

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2 Affordability There has been a continuously growing demand for scooters which has forced the market to become highly competitive. Typically they come at an affordable rate. Sometimes the cost may also be covered by Medicare. 3 Simple To Operate These scooters are easy to operate and maneuver wherever they are wished to be used. They can be locked just like car ensuring full safety of the scooter. The presence of batteries make it easier to operate the scooter. 4 Injury Prevention The chance of injury can be significantly reduced. There are several reasons why one may require a scooter such as recovering from surgery. Owning it can limit the physical exertion which is needed to move around. This allows for a comfortable healing process.

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5 Increased Independence The electric vehicles allow users to move around without the use of assistance or a carer. They provide more than just physical benefits as there are many psychological benefits too. This makes these vehicles the perfect long term investment for those who are facing a disability. If you are searching for good quality mobility scooters in Melbourne then you are in the right place. Health And Mobility offers a full range of scooters to suit the requirements of the users. Our range consists of the small or large size products for clients all over Australia. We are willing to provide in house demonstrations and assessments for all scooters and can advise you on the correct selection which compliments your driver training. We also offer accessories insurance servicing and spare parts. To get additional information about our expert services in Melbourne please feel free to contact us today at 03 8368 2266

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Contact us Health and Mobility Unit 1 / 10 Dunlop Road Hoppers Crossing VIC 3029 Phone: 03 8368 2266