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Even though testosterone therapy is being highly prescribed for men, there live many questions and attention about testosterone (T) especially the T therapy in women.


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Testosterone Therapy in Women: Benefits Truths and Myths Let’s talk about testosterone therapy benefits for women the common myths and reality. Yes you read it right. How’s that possible Testosterone Therapy is just for men right Even though testosterone therapy is being highly prescribed for men there live many questions and attention about testosterone T especially the T therapy in women. Wait can women undergo testosterone therapy YES. T is the most abundant existing sex steroid in women during the female lifespan. You may think of testosterone as a male hormone but actually women make this hormone too. It is just one of the sex hormones that women are producing along with estrogen and progesterone. 1

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Benefits of Testosterone Therapy to Women Testosterone is an androgen or sex-related hormone. Produced in your ovaries adrenal glands and fat cells androgens like testosterone have more than 200 actions in women. 2 TRT for Women: Connecting Truths and Myths Recently there has been a renewed topic in the systemic role of testosterone towards pain wellness and it’s a cardiovascular function in women and men as well.

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4 Major Truths about TRT for Women Here are some truths 1 Testosterone is the most abundant biologically vital female hormone. 2 T is essential for physical and mental health in women. 3 T is not masculinizing. Most of all 4 T is breast protective and the safety of T therapy in women is under research and being established. Now that your mind has been cleared a little bit let me discuss these further and show you the different misconceptions about testosterone therapy for Women 4 Common Myths about Testosterone Therapy for Women

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Testosterone T therapy is being increasingly used to heal symptoms of hormone deficiency in premenopausal and postmenopausal women. Lately additional research has been and is currently being conducted on the safety and efficacy of T therapy. You can read about that here: http://hormonebalance.org/ However many misconceptions still exist about T and T therapy in women. This article will help you clear the clouds and shine evidence to debunk some of the most common myths. FALSE: Testosterone is only a ‘male’ hormone Everyone knows that testosterone is the "male" hormone. It plays an important role in driving sex producing sperm distributing fats producing red cells and maintaining muscle strength and volume. It is also associated with overall health and healthy lifestyle benefits in men. What many people don’t realize is that it’s important for women too Testosterone is the most abundant biologically active hormone in women. Truth: Testosterone is the most abundant and active female hormone. FALSE: Testosterone’s function in women is sex drive and libido Testosterone has many functions in women. It is essential for bone health and the development and maintenance of muscle size and strength.

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Testosterone is good for overall health. It is best known for its crucial role in womens sex drive or libido. Truth: T is essential for physical and mental health in women. FALSE: Testosterone can masculinize females Testosterone is so much more than its reputation would suggest. Men and women need the proper amount of testosterone to develop and function normally. T used to treat female to male transgender patients is given in high doses. These high doses may result in increased facial hair growth hirsutism and slight enlargement of the clitoris. But even at this high supraphysiologic doses permanent masculinization is not possible. If a woman notices any chin hairs or acne the dose of testosterone cream is decreased to stop this. Truth: T is not masculinizing. FALSE: The safety of testosterone use in women has not been studied. There are many excellent reviews on the safety of T therapy in women. Testosterone has been used safely prescribed to women since 1938. Long-term data exists on the efficacy safety and tolerability of doses of up to 225 mg in up to 40 years of therapy. In addition long term follow up studies on supraphysiologic high T doses used to ‘female to male’ transgender patients report no increase in mortality breast cancer vascular disease or other major health problems. Truth: T is breast protective and the safety of T therapy in women has been studied and established. Testosterone Therapy for Women by Arv Buttar

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