Testosterone Therapy for Women

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Testosterone, along with estrogen, mediates the growth and development of the female reproductive system. It also plays a role in maintaining sexual desire and libido in females.


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Testosterone Therapy for Women In recent years a number of different bioidentical hormone replacement therapy BHRT treatments have become available for both men and women. These bioidentical hormone therapies aim to relieve health concerns with respect to sexual function libido menopause and fertility. One of the emerging BHRT options for women testosterone for low libido and lack of sexual desire. Contrary to popular belief that testosterone is a ‘male’ hormone testosterone is actually present in both males and females. Interestingly testosterone is the most abundant active sex steroid throughout the lifespan of women 1. Despite this fact only a small amount of testosterone is secreted into the female circulation. This is the reason why females do not get ‘ma scu l i n i zed ’ even if testosterone is abundantly produced in their bodies. Testosterone along with estrogen mediates the growth and development of the female reproductive system. It also plays a role in maintaining sexual desire and libido in females. For instance reduced levels of testosterone in postmenopausal women has been linked to fatigue irritability depression decline of libido diminished sexual activity and decreased feelings of physical well-being 1 2.

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Given these functions of testosterone in women scientists have become interested in the therapeutic potential of testosterone for women who are experiencing a decline in libido particularly in postmenopausal women and those who have hypoactive sexual desire disorder HSDD. In women with HSDD there is a chronic or recurrent decline or absence of interest for sexual activity leading to depression and distress 3. A number of studies have shown the effectiveness of testosterone therapy to improve the sexual function and desire in women. One study demonstrated that 300 μg of transdermal cream testosterone significantly increased the number of sexually satisfying events in surgically menopausal women or women who have had bilateral oophorectomy. Transdermal testosterone was also effective in increasing the satisfying events in naturally menopausal women 4. Testosterone patches were also effective in improving sexual function and increasing the satisfying sexual activities in women with HSDD 3. Aside from improving sexual desire and activity in women testosterone therapy has also been demonstrated to provide relief for women suffering from hot flashes insomnia hair loss rheumatoid complaints breast pain and physical fatigue. Testosterone is also cardioprotective such that an adequate level lessens the risk of having cardiovascular disease. Testosterone therapy was also found to decrease anxiety irritability and aggression. Some research suggests that testosterone therapy may be safe for women who are at risk or who have breast cancer. Research suggests that testosterone may be breast cancer-protective 1. The numerous beneficial effects of testosterone as a bioidentical hormone therapy option establish the role of testosterone in improving the sexual function and well-being of women. When administered properly and in right amounts testosterone can work wonders for women suffering from the undesirable symptoms of natural and surgical menopause. Visit and consult your trusted hormone therapy consultant to get more information regarding the benefits use administration and safety of testosterone therapy for women. Seeking a womens health clinic or BHRT in Toronto Ontario or across Canada If you are looking for bioidentical hormone therapy for menopause PCOS PMS infertility or perimenopausal symptoms contact Arv Buttar Nurse Practitioner at infohealthbyarv.com. Arv Buttar is a Family Nurse Practitioner with a specialty in Bioidentical Hormone Therapy in Toronto. She sees patients diagnosed infertility issues and seeking DHEA. Her Clinic is located in downtown Toronto. It is easily accessible to the surrounding GTA Brampton Mississauga Burlington Oakville Etobicoke North York Richmond Hill Milton Markham Barrie Newmarket Scarborough. References: 1. Testosterone therapy in women: myths and misconceptions. Glaser R. and Dimitrakakis C. 2013 Vol. 74 pp. 230-234.

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