Does Testosterone Therapy Increase Heart Disease In Men

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Providing Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Toronto (Ontario), I see men of various ages. Testosterone (T) is the main male sex hormone. T levels begin to fall starting around the age of 30. Symptoms of low T include decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, brain fog, fatigue, lack of motivation, low mood.


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Does Testosterone Therapy Increase Heart Disease In Men If you’re looking for Testosterone Replacement Therapy TRT in Toronto and wonder if TRT is right for you please keep reading on. Providing Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Toronto Ontario I see men of various ages. Testosterone T is the main male sex hormone. T levels begin to fall starting around the age of 30. Symptoms of low T include: decreased libido erectile dysfunction brain fog fatigue lack of motivation low mood. Other symptoms may include depression reduced muscle mass and overall lack of zest for life. The use of T can help alleviate these symptoms but one common question my patients at my Toronto TRT Clinic often ask is: “If I go on TRT am I at risk of a heart attack or cardiovascular disease” Many studies have now shown that it is LOW testosterone that is associated with increased risk of stroke cardiovascular CV events coronary artery disease and diabetes.

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Cardiovascular Benefits of Testosterone The benefits of TRT have been seen as early as 1947 the year when several reports showed that TRT improved or eliminated chest pain in majority of the patient’s treated 1 . In 1977 the first randomized placebo-controlled trial using testosterone therapy in men with exercise-induced cardiac ischemia showed a decrease in ischemia using 200mg testosterone cypionate intramuscularly 2 . Another study using oral testosterone showed a 77.4 reduction in chest pain symptoms after 1 month. Many of my male patients are surprised when I tell them testosterone deficiency in men is associated with type 2 diabetes insulin resistance obesity hypertension and high cholesterol 45 . All of these are risk factors for cardiovascular disease 4 . Subsequently most randomized control trials involving TRT have shown to decrease cholesterol insulin resistance and obesity 6 . These improvements are something I see over time at my TRT clinic in Toronto. TRT Improves Insulin Resistance Insulin resistance is the key factor in those diagnosed with type 2-diabetes and it is also a risk factor that triggers high cholesterol blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. In the presence of severe insulin resistance studies have shown an improvement in insulin sensitivity in those with severe insulin resistance after 3 months of TRT 7 . A 12- month study showed that TRT improved insulin sensitivity by 15. This effect the same observed by metformin usage. TRT Improves High Cholesterol Studies have shown that in healthy men diabetics and those with cardiovascular disease total cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein-cholesterol LDL-C drop by 5-14 from baseline in studies 7 .

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Weight Loss TRT studies consistently report an increase in lean body mass decrease in percentage fat mass and a reduction in waist circumference which correlates positively with visceral adiposity 8 . A reduction in visceral fat decreases insulin resistance improves cholesterol and decreases inflammation. Seeking Testosterone Replacement therapy in Toronto Contact Arv Buttar Nurse Practitioner at Arv Buttar is a Family Nurse Practitioner with a specialty in Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Men. Her TRT Clinic is located in downtown Toronto. and is easily accessible to the surrounding GTA Brampton Mississauga Burlington Oakville Etobicoke North York Richmond Hill Milton Markham Barrie Newmarket Scarborough References 1 Lesser M.A. 1946. Testosterone propionate therapy in one hundred cases of angina pectoris. J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 61:549-57. 2 Jaffe M.D. 1977. Effect of testosterone cypionate on post-exercise ST segment depression.. Br Heart J. 3911:1217-22.

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